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For Sale Tripod Ball Head

Musselburgh Camera Club -

Hi All,

Due to my tripod legs breaking i am selling my Ball head.

It is a Hahnel BH-40 which is 1 year old and in mint condition.

RRP is £30 but i am after £15 for camera club members before i advertise it elsewhere. i can bring it to rosslyn tomorrow if anybody wants a shot.

If interested call mike on 07722887278

thanks Mike

Information for members

Musselburgh Camera Club -

Summer 2015  –  Competition Information for next season

A member may submit up to 3 images in each competition. All images must be entirely the member’s original work. No image may be used that is too similar to one used in an earlier competition by the same author. Any subject is allowed – except the competitions for the Set Subject and Human Portrait.


Prints may be commercially or home printed. Prints must be mounted on mounting board. To avoid damaging other members’ work, neither masking tape nor Sellotape is allowed. Minimum size of the mount 16 x 12 ins (40 x 30 cm). Maximum size 20 x 16 ins (50 x 40 cm). The title and member’s number ONLY should appear on the back.

Each print should also be accompanied by a digital version see below.

Projected images

Projected images must be submitted with titles and in a folder with the member’s name and number. Images can be either on a disc/flash drive or sent to George Todd by email The images must have the longest side being 1400 pixels

Closing dates for entries in Competitions 2015 – 16

3rd September   Opening night

17 September     Digital Projected images

8th October         Colour Prints

5th November     Human Portrait Prints

10th December   Set subject – Coast

14th January       Black and White Prints

4th February   Set subject – Dereliction

3rd March          Set subject – Abstract

Scottish Salon 2015

Musselburgh Camera Club -

I have just received the Catalogue for the 2015 Scottish Salon.

This is an annual international exhibition, held this year in Aberdeen, and a competition involving prints and digital images in mono and colour. There are some stunning images and some are distinctly weird !  For ideas and inspiration click on link below to see the full catalogue in PDF.

Catalogue for 2015 Scottish Salon

Note of meeting 19.05.15

Fisherrow Waterfront Group -





Notes of Meeting for FISHERROW WATERFRONT GROUP MEETING, May 19th, 7.30, at Fisherrow Yacht Club





  1. Attendees

Clive Andrew(Chair), Laura Young, Kaz Langlands, Shirley Banks, John Williamson, Fraser MacAllister, Veronica Noone (note taker)

  1. Apologies

Aileen Grant, Kaela Scott, Kirsty Preston, Gaynor Allen

  1. Minutes of meeting of April Meeting – Veronica approved, Laura seconded

  2. Matters Arising from minutes of April meeting

Kirsty had sent an email with an update on the harbour improvements

  1. Approval of new members - none

  2. Correspondence – none that we are aware of however as Gaynor, the Secretary, who would normally update on correspondence, is likely to be occupied elsewhere for some time it was agreed that her work would need to be shared among members

  3. Treasurers report- £287.00 in bank. The group agreed that some fund- raising would need to be done to increase our budget and thereby be able to cover any expenditure. Laura referred to some additional work to be done on the OSCR – she will update at next meeting.

  • Action - John to check position with regard to potential for license to raise money at events at the harbour.

  1. Update projects – capital spend and budget

  • Showers – update at next meeting

  • Interpretation boards- going up this week to complement the RSPB event

  • Pipe- update at next meeting

  • Murdoch Green soak away- update at next meeting

  • Clive offered to pay for up to 2 small wooden boats to be filled with flowers and placed on the waterfront at or near his house.


Action – Fraser to follow up query about small boat or similar to Stewart Pryde

  1. Harbour strategy

HUG are happy with the feasibility but less positive about the Pontoons however the group agreed that the study would simply set out the feasibility of such an option and would not determine whether they would happen or not. Gaynor submitted the funding application for £10k and we should hear within 4-6 weeks. A further £2K has been committed by East Lothian Council Economic Development. Sandra Macrae is keen to tender for the work and reckons that it will take about 3 months from start to finish. Veronica highlighted the need for the group to think carefully about the use of the feasibility study as it could potentially be quite a powerful/ influential document if used correctly.










  1. Family fun day update – 2 dates were discussed – June 28 or August 16th


  • Action – Shirley to set up a doodle to get agreed date

  1. Riding of the Marches update – Shirley described the build-up and signature events and the Waterfront Group to think through how to build in relevant/ appropriate activities.

  2. Harbour maintenance – see Kirsty email

  3. AOB

  • Laura mentioned the Beach clean- up which had gone well. More than a tonne of rubbish had been collected. Laura suggested and all agreed that these should be done each quarter

  • Tesco money is to be spent and some interesting art work is about to appear

  • Bill Walsh to be asked to give a talk on the new river trail


  1. Date for next meeting – 16 June, 7.30 at the Yacht Club







Safari Park trip

Musselburgh Camera Club -

Hi All now the weather is getting better (fingers crossed). its time to organise the Safari park trip. Who would be interested this weekend. If we get numbers i will set a day and time.

respond and list your name with preference for day.



Laurie Campbel Workshops

Musselburgh Camera Club -

Hi All,

laurie campbel has been in touch. is anybody up for this workshop?

I am. Can anybody organise it and get 6 of us together?



Hi Mike,

Just been going over past emails and wondered if you received the one forwarded below from mid-March…….?

If not, I’d hate you to think that I hadn’t bothered!

Sometimes, I’ve had instances where emails weren’t received because they were rejected by ‘spam filters’ due to attachments / image files but in this case I’ve removed them.


Laurie Campbell Photography
Hestia, Paxton,
Berwick-upon-Tweed, TD15 1TE
Scotland, UK

Tel:+44(0)1289 386 736

From: Laurie Campbell

Sent: Sunday, March 15, 2015 11:14 PM

To: Mike Clark

Subject: Re: Show 6/3/15

Hello again Mike,

Sorry again for the delay in getting back to you but now that I’ve had a little time, I’ve prepared the following overview on what I can offer in the way of nature photography workshops.

I’m assuming that weekends are best for most Club Members but if weekdays are possible, then do let me know and I’ll get back to you with further dates. Meantime, possible weekends are as follows:

21st / 22nd March

4th / 5th April

2nd / 3rd May

About workshops. I’ve been teaching photography since before I turned professional 30 years ago and I’ve long since learnt that everyone attends photographic workshops for different reasons – they are interested in learning how to photograph different subjects, need help in different areas etc. So I deal with this by offering one-to-one help by going round the group throughout the day. For this reason, and to be fair to everyone, then I suggest a maximum group size of six.

Group numbers can affect costs and so smaller groups are possible, but would obviously be slightly more expensive (per person) so my rates are as follows:

Two participants      £150.00 each

Three participants    £100.00 each

Four participants      £75.00 each

Five participants      £60.00 each

Six participants        £50.00 each

This would be for a full 9.00am – 5.00pm day, but then if the weather is fine, and anyone wishes to stay a little longer, then I would pleased to extend this.

As with all my workshop days, the emphasis is showing guests how to get the best from the equipment that they already happen to own, rather than specifying a list of ‘must have’ items which can make some feeling a little uncertain. Items such as tripods are important but then I always have mine available should anyone need to borrow one. Similarly, I have a range of reflectors, diffusers and filters with a range of adaptor rings so that they can be fitted to most people’s lenses. What I wouldn’t want is for anyone to rush out any purchase anything specially for the workshop!  Indeed, they should have a better idea of what they might need (if anything) afterwards so I can give advice on that subject too.

About locations / subjects. These vary enormously but a combination that has worked very well and which I have staged several times for visiting groups has been to spend a morning at Burnmouth and then the afternoon at Eyemouth Harbour. There is a great range of subjects between the two locations, starting with mostly static subjects at Burnmouth, including still life macro subjects, of rock formations, plants and shorelife through to landscapes. And then at Eyemouth there are the more challenging birds (gulls, eider ducks, cormorants etc) and grey seals in the harbour so there is a natural progression to the day.

If a smaller group only wanted to photograph one type of subject for the whole day, such as birds or macro, then this would be possible and I would come up with a bespoke itinerary to suit.

Meantime the attached ‘contact-sheets’ shows samples of just a few images from Eyemouth that are perfectly possible to achieve in a single day.

There are other possibilities, including:

The Scottish Deer Centre, by Cupar, Fife – birds of prey and access insides of enclosures to work with subjects such as fallow deer and foxes – samples attached. This spring / summer – cost: (including refreshments, lunch, entry to Park, hire of falconer £90.00 each for six or £135.00 for four.

St Abbs Head – seabirds (obviously) but fantastic plants, insects and landscapes – samples attached. Later this spring – cost: as for Burnmouth / Eyemouth day.

Gannets feeding – Sailing around (but not landing) on the Bass Rock on a trip designed for action photographs of gannets feeding – samples attached. July / August – cost TBA.

Do just feel free to call me anytime on the number below should you wish to discuss – and I don’t mind fielding questions from interested members too.

Regards & thanks,

Laurie Campbell Photography
Hestia, Paxton,
Berwick-upon-Tweed, TD15 1TE
Scotland, UK

Tel:+44(0)1289 386 736

From: Mike Clark

Sent: Friday, March 06, 2015 10:31 PM


Subject: Show 6/3/15

Hi Laurie,

Really enjoyed your show and images. I along with some of my friends in Musselburgh Camera Club are very interested in workshops with you. Can you supply me with a link to what you have on offer?

Kind regards

Mike Clark

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Rosslyn Chapel

Musselburgh Camera Club -

The dates that are available are 18th and 25th June from 6pm to 8pm when there will be no normal visitors.

The charge will be £10 per person with a minimum total overall of £100. Each photographer will have to sign an agreement

on arrival assigning joint copyright of the images and a restriction on how the images may be used.

I need to know which is the best date with a minimum of ten to keep the cost down.

I will get a copy of the agreement as soon as possible.




“Having had the chance to get inside his head, I realised that, essentially, it’...

Brunton Theatre Facebook -

“Having had the chance to get inside his head, I realised that, essentially, it’s the story of a supernatural occurrence” MEET #DorianGray star Guy Warren-Thomas in today's Edinburgh Evening News

Joining Warren-Thomas in the cast are Gwynfor Jones as Lord Henry, Rupert Mason as Basil Hallward and Helen Keeley as Sybil Vane. Tomorrow, Thu 30 Apr 7.30pm at The Brunton, only Scottish date. Bookings on 0131 665 2240 or

Warren-Thomas takes lead in Picture of Dorian Gray
MAKING the cut can be a nerve-wracking wait for an actor. At least on tour, you know you will be required on stage at 7.30pm and be done, usually, by the back of ten at the latest.

Dave Anderson's new play comes to The Brunton Sat 9 May. The first half is a mus...

Brunton Theatre Facebook -

Dave Anderson's new play comes to The Brunton Sat 9 May. The first half is a musical treat with songs from Elvis Presley and Chuck Berry as well as those he has penned himself for 7:84, Wildcat and The Steamie. He is joined by Fraser Spiers (“the world’s greatest harmonica player) and Lesley Robertson, ex-Wildcat (“saxophonist extraordinaire”).

Butterfly Kiss, Paisley Arts Centre, 29 March 2015

Photos by Eddie MiddletonWritten by Dave AndersonDirected by Stasi SchaefferStarring Dave Anderson, Katie Barnett & Jack Mullen

Delightful fun for 3 - 7 year olds 30 May at The Brunton.

Brunton Theatre Facebook -

Delightful fun for 3 - 7 year olds 30 May at The Brunton.

Timeline Photos
Hup opens TOMORROW at @[384041455043127:274:Platform Glasgow] and we can't wait!! Following the performance there will be some free play with the cast. Here are some wee ones enjoying playing with Hazel last week. @[10087791322:274:Royal Scottish National Orchestra], @[354072187987254:274:Falkirk Community Trust], @[132592466817247:274:Eastgate Theatre], @[134056958173:274:Macrobert Arts Centre], @[324148593060:274:Imaginate], @[175892209119058:274:The Brunton], @[147877005250711:274:The Lemon Tree], @[230543783650987:274:On at Fife], @[11401698687:274:Perth Concert Hall and Perth Theatre - Horsecross], @[476263942402859:274:Children's activities in South Lanarkshire]

A chilling true crime drama, Foxcatcher offers Steve Carell, Mark Ruffalo, and C...

Brunton Theatre Facebook -

A chilling true crime drama, Foxcatcher offers Steve Carell, Mark Ruffalo, and Channing Tatum a chance to shine -- and all three of them rise to the challenge. Also starring Vanessa Redgrave and Sienna Miller. On at The Brunton Wed 13 May
☆☆☆☆☆ The Guardian.

Foxcatcher Official Trailer #1 (2014) - Channing Tatum, Steve Carell Drama HD

Subscribe to TRAILERS: Subscribe to COMING SOON: Like us on FACEBOOK: Follow us on TWITTER: htt...

A full line-up of saxophones, trumpets, trombones, a rhythm section and special...

Brunton Theatre Facebook -

A full line-up of saxophones, trumpets, trombones, a rhythm section and special guest vocalists Georgina Jackson and Sam Merrick. The Nick Ross Orchestra recreates the wonderful sound of Big Bands on 5th June.

The classic Big Band Sound of the 1940s &’50s comes to The Brunton | Edinburgh Guide
This June the Nick Ross Orchestra brings the Big Band Sound of the 1940s to East Lothian with a concert celebrating Glenn Miller and the 1940s & 50s Big Band era. With a full line-up of saxophones, trumpets, trombones, a rhythm section and special guest vocalists Georgina Jackson and Sam Merrick, th…


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