Musselburgh Camera Club


I contacted butterfly world today and and a private session is available. The minimum number is 15 ( or those who go pay for 15).

there is no discount unfortunately but we can be in on our own from 6-8pm

cost is £7.50 – £6.50 for concessions.

I will put a sheet up in our room when we are next back in 2 weeks time.

Expect to see butterflies, reptiles, Insects, Fish and Birds


Club Meeting 20.02.14

Please note that there will not be a meeting at Fisherrow next week as we are to visit Beeslack CC in Penicuik for an AV evening.

The following week, Thursday 6th March, we will be joined by the Musselburgh Art Club and will be in the large room (32). It will be an opportunity to see some Artistic Paintings and compare them with Photographic Photoshopping!

Please bring along some of your prints so that we can have a good representation of MCC’s efforts.

Following the Set Subject (Street Photography) recently judged, last night we had the opportunity to hear from members as to how they came to take their images and what they thought about when they were taken.

The next Set Subject (Night Photography) need to be submitted by 20th March. As these are for projection I hope that all members will select up to 3 images and either bring in a CD/memory stick or e mail them to me.

For the more advanced members (if you do not already do so) set your metering to manual – decide on your shutter speed (depending on your lens and movement of your subject) select the f stop(depending on required depth of field) and have your ISO at say 200.

By being on manual you should see in the viewfinder the metering scale which will tell if you are over exposed or under exposed – move one ( or more) of the parameters by the number of stops to get the correct exposure either in a matrix or spot setting. Remember three clicks or button pressing will change the setting by one stop. Take the image and look at your histogram and it should show that there is no clipping and you will have achieved a correct exposure (no loss of detail) with less work to do in Photoshop.

Then think about focusing – the best part of your lens is in the centre – so keep the focal point in the centre and get this on the point in the image which you want to be the sharpest and re compose. However to get better control, disable the auto focus on the shutter button (via the menu – look at manual if you can find it) and use the focus lock button – once you have auto focused it will lock that point until you refocus, so you can recompose your image as many times as you like and the original focus will be maintained.

Instead of using the Aperture Priority mode as I have normally used in the past I used the above procedure over the last few weeks (it does get a bit of getting used to) but I have found that I got a much better results in respect of exposure and focusing.



Pre Club meeting for 20.02.14

Having just returned from my trip last night I was delighted to find that we came first in the ’4- Way Inter Club Competition’ on the 11th Feb and that we achieved 3rd place at the ’12 Way Club Competition’ on 9th Feb. Especially that Anita Nutter’s ‘ Wood-nymph’ got the best Overall Print’.

Congratulations to those who entries were selected, we need to work hard over the rest of the year to build up another ‘quality’ selection in order to have material for next year.

On the contrary I was disappointed to find that we only had 18 entries from eight members for the ‘set subject’ comp. The subject was selected by members at last years’ AGM.

Submissions for competitions are not he ‘be and end all’ but unless members  make a real effort to join into this aspect of the club’s activities we cannot improve our skills and confidence .

I wish for the club to be ‘a members’ club and all to work as a team, for us all to benefit from ideas and skills of each other and this can only be achieved if all join in the activities. If anyone has any ideas how we can achieve this please let me know.

Members should not be put off if they think that their images are not winners, getting comments (good or bad) is what helps to build up one’s skills and confidence. So do your personal best and take part.

At this Thursdays’ meeting we will need the submission for up to two B & W mounted prints. Libby Smith who gave us a talk on B & W photography last October is our judge for this comp. she has a three hour round trip( in good weather) so it would be a disaster if we do not have sufficient  number of submissions. So please make a real effort.

Yes I am back and have started ‘moaning on’ again, but the principles and benefits of being a member of this club is important to me and I really want every member to also benefit from building up their skills and most of all enjoying this fascinating and ‘demanding’ hobby.


Club Meeting 23.01.14

Last night we had we were all overwhelmed by the outstanding quality of the AV presentations lead by Steven Beard. If you think that you would like to have a go at AV speak to Steven who can give advice on software etc.

Tip – The camera will record only in colour – but if you are looking to take B & W images – shoot in RAW and change camera setting to mono and your image on back of camera will be shown as B & W image which gives better guidance to the exposure and the suitability of the subject to this medium.

It will revert to colour when you load it into Photoshop, where you will need to convert it to B & W.

Remember that we are looking for two B & W prints to be submitted on 20th Feb.

Some members  put in their print entries for the Set Subject Comp (street photography) – if you have not included a digital copy on a CD please send me a copy via e mail – please do this so that we can maintain our club data base.

There is still an opportunity to still bring in your entries next week (up to 3 prints), so please make an effort to take part, after all we are a camera club and we need to show that we actually take pictures!!

Please make an effort to support the club at the 12 Way on Sunday 9th Feb and the 4 Way on Tuesday 11th Feb. full details are on my ‘post’ last week (see web site)

Next week ( 30th Jan) we have Anita & Kevin talking about their interest in Photography.



Club Meeting 16.01.14

Last night members brought  in three prints, two images at a time were shown and a brief ‘critique’ was done and then members voted for the one they preferred.- the highest vote went to the next round and so on until we found a winner. This ended up by Anita’s Tantallon Castle taking the title.

Thanks to all who submitted their images and I hope that the comments made will help to develop members skills.

Change in syllabus

Four way Inter-Club Comp. hosted at Haddington CC will now be held on

Tue 11th Feb Poldrake Haddington 7.30pm

Top floor of Poldrate Arts and Craft Centre (PACC), Haddington, EH41 4DA.

If you think you can support us, please put your name on the list on the notice board.

On Sunday 9th Feb. the 12 way inter-club comp will take place at the Scottish Mining Museum,  Lady Victoria Colliery, Newtongrange, Midlothian, EH22 4QN

10am for 10.30am start with a break for lunch about 12 noon restarting about 1pm for the second half. A good chance to see the images from 11 other clubs and cheer on our entries.

Next week – 23rd Jan

  • AV group show their wares.
  • Please bring in your ‘Set Subject’ Street Photography’ – Print entries up to 3 images.


On 30th Jan – Kevin Johnson and Anita Nutter will let us into their secret world of photography.


Club Meeting 09.01.14

Last night we had the benefit of seeing the entries that were accepted by Dingwall CC’s 36th National Projected Image Exhibition. The were some magnificent images showing imaginative set ups and you could see that the photographers had put in a lot of thought and effort to achieve the results.

The one thing they all had in common was that they had perfect exposure and depth of field.

This is an area that we all need to be very conscious about, think about the suitable settings that would be required to achieve the best results.

Use the histogram to examine the exposure – if the highlights are outside the scale, detail in this area will totally white (no detail) – therefore adjust settings – always expose for the highlights – if the black is outside it will be totally black – if you cannot adjust without effecting  the highlights either live with it or consider ‘fill in flash’.

In my last note to you I mentioned ‘stops of light’ – these are shown in thirds on your camera, therefore if you ‘click’ (up or down) the appropriate one ‘three times’ then that will move the setting by ‘one stop’. Practice this and you will soon be able to make adjustments not only quickly but even in the dark.

Use the image on the camera to check focusing and depth of field, get all this right and you can then put your concentration in getting some ‘stunning images’.

Next week, we are going to have a new item whereby we will all vote on two images at a time and the one with the highest number of votes will go into the next round and again voted on until we end up with a final winner. It should be interesting and fun, it will only work if everyone brings along three prints for the evening.

The following week (23rd)we have a change in the programme. the new AV group will let us see what they have been up to, so please give them your support.

Also on the evening of the 23rd Jan. please bring in your ‘Set Subject Prints (up to 3 prints) based on ‘Street Photography’ – these will be judged by Ken Sharp (last years’ winner) on the 6th Feb.


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New Year Resolution


Lets all of us make and keep a New Year Resolution:-

‘To improve our photography and develop our skills so that it becomes more rewarding and satisfying’.

Try to get the image in the camera as good as possible and use Photoshop to ‘Enhance’ the image and not to just correct ‘shooting mistakes’.

  • For correct exposure – use the ‘histogram’ not the preview.
  • For sharpness and depth of field then look at the preview and enlarge it to see the detail.
  • If necessary capture more than you want and then ‘crop’ – you can take away but not add after the event!
  • Especially with zoom lenses make sure you are using the correct speed (unless you are using a tripod)– focal length equals at least speed – 50mm 60th –  100mm 125th – 200 250th.
  • Understand what ‘a stop of light’ means (it doubles up current setting)
    • Aperture – 2.8 – 5.6 -11 -22
    • Speed –  30 – 60 – 125 – 250 – 500 – 1000
    • ISO – 100 – 200 – 400 – 800 -1600
    • Try to photograph images that shows that you have thought about it and considered the best angle and subject for the shot. Record shots are fine to remember where you have been but then look for a more imaginative image that will have impact.
    • Think about the light source – shadows and highlights.
    • Set the appropriate ‘white balance’.
    • Try not to rely on the ‘automatic’ functions on the camera – judge the situation and endeavour to use the settings as you see the image that you want.

Anyone who needs help or advice on any of the above, please let me know – advice is always available from 7pm (prior to a meeting).

If you really want to make a difference (especially photographing people) sell all your unwanted Christmas on e bay and buy a Sekonic light meter!

Hope to see you all at our first meeting on Thursday 9th Jan.


Club Meeting 12.12.13

Last night we were able to have a look at the images that were used at the 4 way competition at Edinburgh on 2nd Dec. Hopefully it illustrated how opinion of different judges and their comments varied. It is up to us if we agree or take notice of the comments.

We also reviewed the Portrait comp. In many cases the points raised are valid and I hope that it will give encouragement for members to see if the observations can improve their images.

Some members have done this and have sent me the revised image for the Club’s data base. I hope that last night proved the benefits of doing this.

2014 will soon be on us, so just some reminders:-

First meeting on 9th Jan – we will screen two sets of images from the Dingwall National Image Competition.

Jan 16theveryone to bring along a print and we will have a ‘knockout comp’ where we will put up two images at a time and members will vote for one of them and then re cycle until we end up with a final selection. We can also have an informal critique of the images.

Jan 23rd - The AV group will give us a presentation of their work -please come along and support your colleagues. You also need to bring in up to three prints for the set subject comp – ‘Street Photography’.

Jan 30th – Anita and Kevin will let us have an insight into their interest in photography.

Note the 23rd & 30th have been swopped around from those on the printed syllabus.

Looking forward to our Christmas Dinner next week at the Ravelston Hotel – 7 for 7.30pm

To those members who are not able to come along next week have a great Christmas and a ‘Clicking’ New Year.


Club Meeting 05.12.13

There was a couple of members who are interested in starting a new ‘portrait/model workshop’ – if you would like to join this group please let me know so that arrangements can be made.

Martin is now anxious to collect the balance due on our Christmas dinner, if you have not already done so please ‘pay up’ next week, if you cannot make the meeting please send him an e mail and confirm that you will pay on the 19th or if you put your name on the list and cannot now make it please let me know so that I can cancel the place as I do not want the club to be out of pocket.

We had the advantage last night of meeting again Sandy Cleland who is a Fellow of the Photographic Society – earlier this year Sandy was invited to join the exclusive and prestigious London Salon of Photography -  there are only 43 members worldwide – it is one of the highest honours a photographer can receive – a great achievement.

Sandy gave us a very constructive workshop by giving comments and guidance on how our images could be greatly improved, he stated the most of the portrait images were well captured but by better processing they could be substantially improved. We need to take these comments on board and put these into action and get the most out of our images.

Only by doing this will we develop our skills and get more satisfaction from our hobby. If you do manage to make these improvements I would be grateful if you would e mail me with an updated image so that we can continue to improve the club’s data base which helps us to select images for future competitions.

Next week we will be challenged by Ross Anderson entertaining quiz. I will also screen the images that we submitted for the four way competition on Monday and try to summarise the comments made by the judge – both of these items could be quite amusing.


Club Meeting 28.11.13

Steven who’s runs the Av group is away on the 30th Jan., so their presentation will now take place on the 23rd Jan and Anita & Kevin will show their work on the 30th Jan.

The club has now purchased some modern studio equipment, currently there is a ‘Portrait Group’ which six members belong to, with the equipment the club now have it would be easy to have a further group – please let me know if anyone is interesting in being involved in another group.

Last night we welcomed Richard Bingham who is Secretary of Edinburgh Photographic Society, Associate of the Royal Photographic Society, An excellent member of the International Federation of Photographic Art and has received many gold medals for his images.

Richard judged for us in March at the four way inter-club meeting between Beeslack, Haddington, Midlothian and ourselves who triumphed on the night!

He gave his presentation on ‘Figures in the Landscape, Landscape in the Figure, showing a range of images using professional models in studio and outside locations. He puts a lot of thought into setting up the shoot and makes careful use of lighting in order to get the best effects. Thus creating tasteful and quality images many of which have done well in competitions with a good number of gold medals being awarded.

Next week we have our ‘Human Portrait Print Comp’ judged by Sandy Cleland. I hope that last night and my suggestion of setting up a second ‘Portrait Group’ will inspire more members.

Club Meeting 21.11.13

We had a god number of ‘Human Portrait Comp. Images’ handed in last night. If you could not make the meeting but have an entry, please send me an e mail and we will work out how to deal with it.

I only got two CD’s last night – please bring a digital copy  next week or e mail me with them.

Last night we viewed the entries of the Scottish Photographic Federation 2013 Comp. There was a good range of images, too many squirrels though!

Only Joe had an entry, I hope that we will have some ‘quality’ images to submit for next year.

Next week we have Richard Bingham presentation on ‘ Landscape in a Figure, Figures in a Landscape’. This should be a ‘revealing’ and interesting talk.

Please remember to let me have your digital images for the club’s data base.


Comet ISON

There is a comet in the sky which might provide some opportunities for night photography in the coming few weeks. At the moment, Comet ISON is visible in the morning in the southeast just before sunrise and is heading for a close encounter with the Sun. It might disintegrate and become invisible, but if it survives it will become visible in December after sunset and could become one of the brightest comets for years. The following websites will keep you up to date as the story unfolds:



Club Meeting 14.11.13

George Neilson last week mentioned the Scottish Photographic Society’s Club Digital Championship at Stirling on 17th Nov. (Details on notice board)

See  for full details.

George gave us a lot of constructive comments last week – I would suggest that if you agree with his comments to do some further work on your images and if you then think that it improves it, send me a digital copy and then I can update the Club’s Data Base, thus improving the standard of our work.

George also mentioned the mounted presentations – Charlie Briggs held a print mounting workshop – 12 members put their names down, but only five turned up – this was not good – if you cannot make a commitment then it is only decent to advised the organiser of the event. There seems to be a need of further training so Charlie has agreed to have a further workshop if there is enough interest.

On Monday 2nd Dec. (not Tuesday as per syllabus) there is the ’4 way Interclub Comp’ to be hosted by Edinburgh Photographic Society. They are keen to know how many of our members will attend, so I have put a notice on the board, so please put your name down if you are able to go and support our club.

Kirkcaldy – Monday evening proved to be good for the MCC


Digital Projection – total scores

MCC                           221

Kirkcaldy                     202


MCC                           231

Kirkcaldy                     224

Thus MCC triumphed with a total score of  452  against Kirkcaldy’s of 426

Anita Nutter got 20 for ‘Frozen Tulips’ (Digital) and awarded ‘Best Digital Image’

Steven Beard  got 20 for ‘Splash Dance’ (Print)

We now need to build up a further set on 30 images for the return visit in April 2014 – so let’s start working towards this goal.

Last night everyone  was a ‘Judge’ – members were free to say what they like about the images, hopefully constructively. This proved to be an enjoyable and interesting evening.

Next week please bring in up to three ‘Human Portrait Image’ prints to be judged on 5th Dec. Please also bring a CD with images or e mail them to me.

We also have the Scottish Photographic Federation’s Print & Projected winning images for 2013. If we can build up our Data Base we can have a go at a submission for our images next year.

Joe Fowler is holding a further workshop at Southfields this Saturday – the subject is ‘Sport Photography’ – 10am – Noon.    For more info



Epson R1800

A couple of weeks ago Terry May offered his printer to a good home. I took him up on the offer but unfortunately as I have nowhere to permanently site the printer at present, it is not going to work out for me.  I am therefore offering it on in the hope that another member can make good use of it.

The printer comes with a CIS system with lots of ink, and another complete Projet CIS system should you wish to fit it.  All in all, an excellent thing to have.

If you are interested in the printer please email me at  First come, first served.



Invitation from The Scottish Photographic Federation to all MCC members


Hi All, All members of SPF affiliated clubs are invited to attend this year’s SPF Club Digital Championship, whether or not, you, or your Club have entered this event, so why not come along and enjoy some great photography. More info at When: Sunday 17th November 2013 Doors open 9.30am for 10.00 am Start Where: Stirling Management Centre,

University of Stirling, Stirling, FK9 4LA

(Maps are included separately with this email)

How much: £5 Admission  

Please Note – Packed lunches cannot be eaten in the venue

Lunches, Snacks, Teas and coffees will be available at the venue, as well as a number of facilities that are available close to the venue.

    Judges:     Dianne Owen FRPS, from Chorley (L&CPU) Peter Gennard MFIAP, EFIAP/p from Smethwick (MCPF) Dave Butler MFIAP, ARPS from (L&CPU)   Hope to see you there, Libby

Maps of how to get to Stirling Management Centre are on line at

Club Meeting 07.11.13

We are visiting to Kirkcaldy on Monday 11th Nov. Martin & Gavin will be at Fisherrow to organise transport, leave at 6pm, remember to leave cars in road if you are getting a lift

Christmas dinner – Thursday 19th Dec – please put name on list if you are able to join us all in a relaxed and enjoyable evening.

Anita is having an exhibition at The Gallery at Fenton Barnes – preview this Friday 7-9pm and open all day Saturday and Sunday Noon to 4pm. If you can ‘pop along’ and give her your support.

Last night we have George Neilson, who judged our Projected Images in season 2010-11.He is Vice President, Judge Secretary and Area Rep for Edinburgh North & South of the Scottish Photographic Society, he is also past President of the Edinburgh Photographic Society.

George has a speciality in ‘Sport Photography’, he has agreed to give us a talk on this for our syllabus 2014/15.

We were fortunate to have him to invest a lot of his time in assessing our prints, he gave a lot of very constructive comments and ideas that if we take on board will assist us to improve our images. Look for distracting items that could be removed, darken areas that are too light, crop to show the best aspect

Remember take a larger image which can be cropped down, because you cannot add to an image if more space around the subject is required, with modern cameras you do not need to ‘fill the frame’ as was required with the ‘ancient’ slides.

Think about using ‘fill in flash’ if there are dark areas even if the sun is shining. Lighting was the main element with landscapes, study the ‘sun’ time tables and get up early to get the best light.

Take note of the comments and have another look at your images and see if you can improve it.

Next week we have another members meeting, this time we will set up tables and members will discuss the images which every member must bring in – this proved to be interesting and enjoyable last year.

So without fail each member must bring in a print (mounted or otherwise).

Start thinking about and preparing your Human Prints for submission at the meeting on 21st November – Please note that you can have up to three prints for this comp.


Club Meeting 31.10.13

I wish to thank members for letting me have their digital copy of the print submissions – Jennifer now owes me 10 pence!! Can we now treat this as the norm for future print submissions.

It is worth making time to visit  the Viviane Sassen exhibition at the Portrait Gallery – it is quite an experience, especially in the way that they have staged the displays.

Anita is having an exhibition at Fenton Barns – 8/9/10th Nov ., please try to visit. Full details on notice board.

We will be visiting Kirkcaldy Camera Club on Monday 11th Nov., put your name on the  list on the notice board then we can organise car sharing.

There is also a further list in respect of our Christmas Dinner on Thursday 19th Dec. please put your name on the list, there is a copy of details on the notice board.

Last night we had Horst Meyerdieks to enlighten us on the art of Astrophotography, he is a member of the Astronomical Society of Edinburgh and also a member of the staff of the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh.

He has had a lifelong interest in amateur astronomy and has been working in the field of astrophotography since 1999, when he replaced his telescope eyepiece with a digital camera. He has a web site which you might like to look at.

We were given an insight into the equipment that he has developed in order to capture images that we would not know were there with the naked eye. It does take a lot of dedication but by using a SLR on a tripod and keeping the shutter open from 30 seconds to a few minutes on a clear night it can produce some interesting results.

So get away from street lighting, wrap up warm and have a go.

Next week we will have our Colour Print entries judged (or taken apart!) by George Neilson. I am sure he will give us his opinion and guidance that if we take on board it will help us to develop our skills further.

Please note we will be expecting your entries for the ‘Human Portrait Competition’ on 21st Nov. This time will wish to receive up to three printed mounted images, so please start to prepare so that we have a high number of entries.




Ginetta Boy

Hi Ginetta Boy please can you bring your D90 to the club if you can.



Club Meeting 24.10.13

I appears that the Photoshop Workshop on Tuesday proved to be helpful to the members who attended, I based it on making a composite from three images and a schedule which showed a step by step procedure which covered using most of the tools that one could practice on in order to improve your own images.

If you would like to have a copy of this exercise, send me an e mail and I will prepare a CD which you can have at the next meeting.

We have started setting out the Syllabus for 2014/15 – do you have any ideas for subjects or speakers? If you have an idea please send me an e mail.

The prints you handed in for the Colour Print Comp. have been passed to the judge and we will not be able to see them again until they are judged on 7th Nov.

The Kirkcaldy CC Comp is on 11th Nov – therefore there will not be time to decide on the ones that we want to take to for the comp.

It is therefore ESSENTIAL that I get digital copies via e mail from all members who put a print in but has not already let me have a copy

Another good reason was that I said that I would get all images in and Jennifer doubted this and bet me 10p – I am a poor loser – so please let me have your image by this coming weekend at the latest.

Many thanks to Lynn and Martin who last night gave us an insight into how they have developed their interest in photography and the way they have used their imagination to create something different, with Lynn’s stacked stones on the beach and the time lapse images of the ‘two faces’ of Martin. Their development of their skills of using Photoshop could be seen with the ‘before & after’ images and how they have taken on board comments from judges and made the improvements.

Next week

We have a ‘star’ speaker – Horst Meyerdierks from the Royal Observatory Edinburgh telling us about ‘Astrophotography’ – Steven Beard suggested this, therefore if you have any work colleges who could give us a talk please let me know.