Musselburgh Camera Club

Invitation from The Scottish Photographic Federation to all MCC members


Hi All, All members of SPF affiliated clubs are invited to attend this year’s SPF Club Digital Championship, whether or not, you, or your Club have entered this event, so why not come along and enjoy some great photography. More info at When: Sunday 17th November 2013 Doors open 9.30am for 10.00 am Start Where: Stirling Management Centre,

University of Stirling, Stirling, FK9 4LA

(Maps are included separately with this email)

How much: £5 Admission  

Please Note – Packed lunches cannot be eaten in the venue

Lunches, Snacks, Teas and coffees will be available at the venue, as well as a number of facilities that are available close to the venue.

    Judges:     Dianne Owen FRPS, from Chorley (L&CPU) Peter Gennard MFIAP, EFIAP/p from Smethwick (MCPF) Dave Butler MFIAP, ARPS from (L&CPU)   Hope to see you there, Libby

Maps of how to get to Stirling Management Centre are on line at

Club Meeting 07.11.13

We are visiting to Kirkcaldy on Monday 11th Nov. Martin & Gavin will be at Fisherrow to organise transport, leave at 6pm, remember to leave cars in road if you are getting a lift

Christmas dinner – Thursday 19th Dec – please put name on list if you are able to join us all in a relaxed and enjoyable evening.

Anita is having an exhibition at The Gallery at Fenton Barnes – preview this Friday 7-9pm and open all day Saturday and Sunday Noon to 4pm. If you can ‘pop along’ and give her your support.

Last night we have George Neilson, who judged our Projected Images in season 2010-11.He is Vice President, Judge Secretary and Area Rep for Edinburgh North & South of the Scottish Photographic Society, he is also past President of the Edinburgh Photographic Society.

George has a speciality in ‘Sport Photography’, he has agreed to give us a talk on this for our syllabus 2014/15.

We were fortunate to have him to invest a lot of his time in assessing our prints, he gave a lot of very constructive comments and ideas that if we take on board will assist us to improve our images. Look for distracting items that could be removed, darken areas that are too light, crop to show the best aspect

Remember take a larger image which can be cropped down, because you cannot add to an image if more space around the subject is required, with modern cameras you do not need to ‘fill the frame’ as was required with the ‘ancient’ slides.

Think about using ‘fill in flash’ if there are dark areas even if the sun is shining. Lighting was the main element with landscapes, study the ‘sun’ time tables and get up early to get the best light.

Take note of the comments and have another look at your images and see if you can improve it.

Next week we have another members meeting, this time we will set up tables and members will discuss the images which every member must bring in – this proved to be interesting and enjoyable last year.

So without fail each member must bring in a print (mounted or otherwise).

Start thinking about and preparing your Human Prints for submission at the meeting on 21st November – Please note that you can have up to three prints for this comp.


Club Meeting 31.10.13

I wish to thank members for letting me have their digital copy of the print submissions – Jennifer now owes me 10 pence!! Can we now treat this as the norm for future print submissions.

It is worth making time to visit  the Viviane Sassen exhibition at the Portrait Gallery – it is quite an experience, especially in the way that they have staged the displays.

Anita is having an exhibition at Fenton Barns – 8/9/10th Nov ., please try to visit. Full details on notice board.

We will be visiting Kirkcaldy Camera Club on Monday 11th Nov., put your name on the  list on the notice board then we can organise car sharing.

There is also a further list in respect of our Christmas Dinner on Thursday 19th Dec. please put your name on the list, there is a copy of details on the notice board.

Last night we had Horst Meyerdieks to enlighten us on the art of Astrophotography, he is a member of the Astronomical Society of Edinburgh and also a member of the staff of the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh.

He has had a lifelong interest in amateur astronomy and has been working in the field of astrophotography since 1999, when he replaced his telescope eyepiece with a digital camera. He has a web site which you might like to look at.

We were given an insight into the equipment that he has developed in order to capture images that we would not know were there with the naked eye. It does take a lot of dedication but by using a SLR on a tripod and keeping the shutter open from 30 seconds to a few minutes on a clear night it can produce some interesting results.

So get away from street lighting, wrap up warm and have a go.

Next week we will have our Colour Print entries judged (or taken apart!) by George Neilson. I am sure he will give us his opinion and guidance that if we take on board it will help us to develop our skills further.

Please note we will be expecting your entries for the ‘Human Portrait Competition’ on 21st Nov. This time will wish to receive up to three printed mounted images, so please start to prepare so that we have a high number of entries.




Ginetta Boy

Hi Ginetta Boy please can you bring your D90 to the club if you can.



Club Meeting 24.10.13

I appears that the Photoshop Workshop on Tuesday proved to be helpful to the members who attended, I based it on making a composite from three images and a schedule which showed a step by step procedure which covered using most of the tools that one could practice on in order to improve your own images.

If you would like to have a copy of this exercise, send me an e mail and I will prepare a CD which you can have at the next meeting.

We have started setting out the Syllabus for 2014/15 – do you have any ideas for subjects or speakers? If you have an idea please send me an e mail.

The prints you handed in for the Colour Print Comp. have been passed to the judge and we will not be able to see them again until they are judged on 7th Nov.

The Kirkcaldy CC Comp is on 11th Nov – therefore there will not be time to decide on the ones that we want to take to for the comp.

It is therefore ESSENTIAL that I get digital copies via e mail from all members who put a print in but has not already let me have a copy

Another good reason was that I said that I would get all images in and Jennifer doubted this and bet me 10p – I am a poor loser – so please let me have your image by this coming weekend at the latest.

Many thanks to Lynn and Martin who last night gave us an insight into how they have developed their interest in photography and the way they have used their imagination to create something different, with Lynn’s stacked stones on the beach and the time lapse images of the ‘two faces’ of Martin. Their development of their skills of using Photoshop could be seen with the ‘before & after’ images and how they have taken on board comments from judges and made the improvements.

Next week

We have a ‘star’ speaker – Horst Meyerdierks from the Royal Observatory Edinburgh telling us about ‘Astrophotography’ – Steven Beard suggested this, therefore if you have any work colleges who could give us a talk please let me know.



Well, that didn’t take long! Sorry to any interested members who haven’t managed to see the original post but the printer has already found a new home, and is still within our membership.

all the best,


Epson R1800 Printer

Good morning all,

I have an Epson R1800 printer looking for a good home. Completely FREE, it just requires you to collect. It is on the large size and connects by a USB lead, so you’ll need room next to your computer. About 30in,(sorry I can only deal in old money), should cover it.

It uses two black inks, five colours and a gloss optimiser, though this one has a CISS fitted, so no expensive replacement cartridge costs. The present set has about a half set of ink left,(that will be a lot of photos). When that runs out you can either buy more ink or install the new Perma-Jet CISS kit I that,if wanted, I also have ready to go with the printer. Don’t worry about ink quality as these inks are equal to Epson’s own. There is a disc for drivers etc but these can always be downloaded from the net if required.

If you want this printer get in touch, either by showing your interest via this site and speaking with me next club meeting or email Clive and I’m sure he will gladly pass on your message. If it isn’t wanted by a club member I shall give it a fortnight then post it on Freecycle etc.



Club Meeting 17.10.13

Members who were unable to bring in their colour Prints last night, please e mail me and I will make arrangements for you to take them to Joe, Lynn or myself.

I only had a few CD’s last night, it is essential that I have a digital copy of your entries, therefore please e mail me a digital copy asap. Put your club number and title as the file name

Last night we are very fortunate to have Libby Smith, who came all the way from Carluke .

She is  one of the main stays in the Carluke CC and  is a Master of the Photographic Alliance of GB and has an Excellence award in the Federation International Art of Photography.

She is also on the roll of honour at the Scottish Photographic Federation and is one of the SPF Executives, Judges Secretary and is the Hon. Life Vice President.

Fantastic achievements and a major contributor to photography.

Mono photography is a real art and Libby  gave us an illustrated presentation which highlighted the ways you can transpose a ‘bland greyscale image’ into an image that has ‘wow’. This advice and guidance should encourage us to put that extra effort in and create an interesting images. She will come back and judge our Black & White comp. in March, so we had better take note of her advice!

I am sending out separately to you the notes that Libby has prepared which should assist us, I will also organise a further Photoshop Workshop to cover this topic.

Next Tuesday 22nd Oct. we have the colour Photoshop Workshop, 7.30-9pm,

At our next meeting  we will hear about the ‘deep secrets’ of Lynn and Martin’s exploits into photography.



Club Meeting 10.10.13

As I guessed I missed a fascinating meeting on Thursday, Lynn has advised me of this fact and I am sure that all the members present felt the same. I copy below her summary.

“What a fantastic session on 3D photography by Denis Alyshev, Denis brought along his own equipment and explained to everyone what he had and why it was used.  He even brought along his recent ebay purchase which was a vintage silver screen which he pulled up straight from the beautiful wooden box.  He used the modern version to show his images though!  He showed us images from his home town in Russia and around his local area – including beautiful winter scenes.  He showed us images of inside his friend’s houses and his own.

He moved on to photos of Japan – beautiful pictures in Autumn.  Then he showed us pictures of Scotland.  His pictures were fantastic.  We were all given 3D glasses to view the images and you felt that you could just reach out and touch them”.

Next week remember to bring along your two entries for the Colour Print Comp. Do not worry about what the judges say, by making an effort and participating in these local club comp. it gives something to aim for, you get guidance (even if you do not agree) which believe me does help in developing your skills.

If most of the entries were perfect no one would benefit and it would be most discouraging and very little would be gained So please make a real effort and put  your work in.

If you cannot make next weeks meeting and you didn’t bring in your prints last week e mail me and I will find a way to have them included, so no excuses!

Next week we also have Libby Smith, as I have mentioned before she is one of the best photographers in Scotland, advising us on mono photography, she will then judge our Black & White comp. in March. So we had better take note of her advice!

I have had an e mail from the National Galleries of Scotland which advises of an exhibition that would be worth making an effort to see: -

At the Portrait Gallery later this month, critically acclaimed Dutch photographer Viviane Sassen showcases her fashion and fine art photographs (In Bloom, in the only UK showing of her retrospective, In and Out of Fashion. Come see how her work has transformed fashion photography in the last decade”

Hope to see most of you next week.




















October trip

Hi All,

i am keen to get up to glen coe, hermitage, glen etive and the trossachs this autum.

If anybody is interested in coming along and sharing the fuel cost they are welcome.

I can take a day off work if required Thur/Fri or weekends.

let me know if you are interested.



Club Meeting 03.10.13

Print comp – two colour print images to be handed in at meeting on 17th October

Put your club number & title of image on the back of the mount.

Please put the images on a CD or e mail it to me ( image size to 1400mm longest side and put club number and title as file name                             ( i.e     01 My image.jpg.

There are two good reasons for this:-

  1. To build  the Club’s Data Base
  2. We require material for the forth coming Interclub Competitions
  • Kirkcaldy – Monday 11th Nov. 10 prints & 10 digital
  • 4 way hosted by Edinburgh 2nd Dec. 15 digital

Members can also let me have additional digital images which can go on the data base and can be considered for these external competitions – file names as above format.


  • Print Mounting – Tues.8th October -
  • Photoshop -Tues.22nd Oct – if you are interested please put your name on the list on the notice board or send me an e mail.

Last night we had the pleasure of Dr Neil Scott  to judge our first Club Competition where 27 members entered two projected images each. There was a good range of images, but one of the main points that Neil tried to advise us was that if we want to develop our skill to get to the level of ‘competition images’ they should reflect the input of the photographer.

Consider the best angle and get that different or even unique shot. Picture post card images are fine, but these have already been captured by millions of ‘point and click’ photographers. Have a good look at the scene in front of you and see if there is an element that can be homed in on that the average person would not even notice. Post processing must also be carefully considered to get the best out of the shot, experiment by using the tools that are available which can assist in maximizing the ‘real’ impact and give it that ‘wow’ factor.

Next week

We have a fascinating talk by Denis Alyshev who will introduce many of us to 3D Photography

I unfortunately have to go south again (family problems) so will miss this meeting, so Lynn will be in charge again.

I hope to be back for the meeting on 17th Oct. with Libby Smith, a skilled photographers who is one of the leading figures at the Carluke Camera Club and is now their Honorary Vice President (Hunter Kennedy who showed us his amazing work two weeks ago is also a leading member of Carluke). So this is a standard of presentation that no member should miss.


Club Meeting 26.09.13

Many thanks to Anita who gave us her very experienced comments on the images brought in by members at our ‘Critique’ evening. There was a wide range of subjects and by opening it up to comments from ‘the floor’  I think it made a constructive and ‘entertaining evening.

If there is enough interest Joe Fowler will be holding a workshop at Southfields on Saturday 5th Oct. – for details and booking contact him on

Calumet are having another ‘Open Day’ on Weds 9th Oct – offering a ‘free’ (they are looking for a small donation for local charity) sensor cleaning service, plus other promotions.             

Charlie Briggs has now arranged the ‘Image Mounting Workshop’ on Tuesday 8th Oct.     7.30-9pm. Put your name on the list on the notice board or remove it if you cannot make that evening. He will e mail you with details etc.

I have planned to run a Photoshop Workshop on Tues. 22nd Oct. 7.30 – 9pm – just come along and bring a laptop if you have one.

I would like to remind members that we will be receiving Colour Print Images at the meeting on 17th October. Two mounted prints per member – you can bring then along on the 10th October if you cannot make the 17th. Please hand them to our Comp. Sec. George Todd. Will everyone make a real effort to put their work in so that we have a good entry for George Neilson to judge on 7th Nov.

Next week we have our first Club Competition where 27 members entered two projected images each which will be judged by Dr Neil Scott who some of you might remember that he gave us a fascinating talk entitled ‘A silk Purse from a Sows Ear’. He also was the judge at last season’s Interclub Competition against Kirkcaldy


Club Meeting 19.09.13

What a treat we had last night, the images presented by Hunter Kennedy were outstanding and his vivid description of how he captured the image and then how he worked on it by his mastery of Photoshop was a real bonus.

Some would say that photography has moved a long way from ‘just out of the camera’ but I think last night proved that by using one’s initiative and the facility of Photoshop a ‘real work of art’ can be created which anyone would be proud to hand on their wall.

It’s no wonder that his qualifications include:-

‘Excellent Federation International Art Photography ‘

‘Member of the Photographic Alliance of GB’

Hunter gave us some guidance on ‘composites’ – ‘ getting background material and using techniques of de-saturating the background and increasing the vibrance it can take away the harshness and give a more ‘pastel colour’ look about it. Reducing  the ‘Opacity’ to let the under image to start to show through – using a large feather  brush to mask the selection, thus taking away the ‘cut & paste’ look and much more.

The absent members really missed out despite my strong recommendation last week.

I mentioned last night that Photoshop has now woken up and are offering the latest Photoshop CC plus Lightroom for £8.78 per month available if you have CS3 plus – this offer is only available until 31.12.13.

If this is of any interest to you have a look at:-

Charlie has now arranged the ‘Print Mounting’ workshop on Tuesday 8th Oct – 7.30-9pm – FR room 4.

If you have not already done so please put your name on the list on the notice board and then Charlie will e mail you will full details.

On this Saturday & Sunday will be the Re-enactment of the Battle of Prestonpans – next to Cockenzie Power Station – main ‘battle’ will be carried out at 3pm on each day.

See web site

I have been setting up a master file for the Digital Projection Comp. to send onto Neil Scott – for those who did not give me their two image last night you can send them as an attachment in an email  to me ( clivemcc@talktalk) over the weekend – so no excuses!!

Next week Critique evening – everyone to bring in a print (mounted or not).






MCC Facebook Page

Due to overwhelming demand (well, one person asked for it) I have created a MCC Facebook page.  You can access this by clicking on the link at the bottom of the home page or by searching for Musselburgh Club on Facebook.  So if you are a Facebook user, please “like” the page, post some photos and add any information about photo opportunities that you think may be of interest to other members.  The page isn’t much to look at at the moment but if we all make good use of it it has the potential to be another useful resource and  another way of promoting the club to non-members.




Digital image competition

Hi All,

As if you needed reminding, submissions for the Digital Image competition are due in on Thursday.  If you are unable to burn images to a disc or copy them to a usb stick then you can email them to and I will send them on to our competition secretary, George Todd.  Images should be sized at 1400 by 1050.

Canon Speedlights 600EXRT

The above named speedlights are the latest and greatest in the Canon speedlight range and a little advice to the other Canon users that might save you some cash.

Only purchase if you have a 2012 or later camera.

I bought one of these to add a second light for portrait work and tried using it grouped with my older speedlight, a Canon 430EXII fired by Pixl King radio transmitters. I also have a very old optical slave speedlight which i add into my mix

Canon cameras allow you to control groups of speedlights from the LCD screen when attached via compatible radio transmitters, and I’d been using mine with 2 speedlights for quite a while but with the new 600′s only one speedlight was showing on screen. I could fire off two, but the settings were being mirrored on each flash instead of how i had used my older ones previously, setting the power to each independently.

I had my new flash checked and it was returned with a note saying it worked perfectly. I blamed my old flash, so stupidly went out and bought another 600, but still the same issue.

I had my 5DMKii checked, it too was in good nic and wasn’t the cause.

A check on good old Youtube brought the answer. These new flashes are only fully compatible with newer cameras in radio mode and don’t function properly with 2nd party radio transmitters, only the Canon built STE3 and only on newer bodies.

My dilema was get shot of the new flashes at a loss or upgrade my camera, which i did but it was an expensive lesson.

The flashes have their own inbuilt radio transmission/recievers and with one attached to the cameras hot shoe you can fully operate the 2nd but to get the full benefit you want to add the ST-E3 radio trigger unit which sits in the hot shoe and lets you set each flash output

You can pair ettl with manual etc but you can’t control the zoom remotely, that needs set on each unit manually.

Another negative the trigger doesn’t have any infrared AF assist, which I find quite bizarre. You can have that by making a switch and having one of the flash in the hot shoe but it kind of defeats the point in paying for the trigger, the only way to keep two flashes off camera in low light is to use a torch for helping with AF, set your focus in manual or get a hot shoe cable attachment and connect to the flashes that way.

An expensive lesson, but the flashes are great and grouping is now easy peasy.

Invitations to post on the website

Hi All,

All members who have paid this year’s subscription and are not currently listed as an author have been sent an invitation to join as an author.  Once you have accepted the invitation, if you have any problems posting please  drop me an email at

John Scott



Club Meeting 12.09.13

I was sorry that I missed Joe’s talk on Thursday, Lynn has advised me that Joe gave a great presentation which was well received by all members.  He spoke about light and composition and how that impacted on your image. To get the best image possible, it is crucial to consider the light, time of day and view point.  He also explained about what judges look for to give a high mark out of 20.  He spoke about varying colour of mounts and how this can make an image more eyecatching and also using letter box presentation.

So there should now be no excuse for not putting your images into the competitions!!

On that point please do not forget to get two digital images onto a CD with the file name only showing your club number followed by the image title and bring it along to the next meeting (Thursday 19.09.12), for the ‘Digital Image Club Competition’.

Next week we have our first major talk by Hunter Kennedy, who is a highly qualified photographer

Hunter Kennedy has been a member of Carluke CC for over 30 years and has held several offices including President. He has taken his photography seriously since 2000 and by 2009 had achieved both EFIAP and MPAGB.

He is a regular supporter of International Salons and is in demand in the UK as a lecturer and judge. Hunter’s main photographic interests are landscape and people, which he prefers not posed or rehearsed, a pure candid shot.

I recommend that all members make an effort to come along and hear him talk and see his amazing prints.




D90 camera

Hi all,

does anybody in the club use a nikon D90 camera.  I need 3 minutes with one to see if it fits in my u/w housing. Dry land experience. If you have and dont mind bringing it into the club it would be a great help.