Musselburgh Camera Club

Permajet – Colour printing course in Dumfries 8th December – special offer






The day will cover everything you want to know about digital colour and monochrome printing based on the popular Epson printer range. File size and quality, 8bit vs 16 bit images, getting the best from your digital files.

Digital contact printing.  Adjustment layers.  Sharpening. Interpolation. Importing and saving files, using and converting RAW files, monitor and printer colour management. Printer problems and solutions. 

Installing and using profiles for consistent colour and quality. Test printing. Advanced black and white features for specialist monochrome printing and the use of PermaJet papers.


Course Tutors will be Rod Wheelans FIPF,MPAGB,FRPS,MFIAP and Libby Smith MPAGB, FIAP


The cost of the course is £60.00 per person, per course and would include the following:-


The Training Course

Tea/Coffee on arrival

A Light Lunch

Afternoon Tea/Coffee


All the courses start at 10.30am on the Saturday morning with Tea /Coffee on arrival followed by the introduction by the course tutor.


We will break for a light lunch at around 12.30 and restart the course from 13.15 until 16.30 pm where you will have the chance to ask any questions and take the opportunity to buy some paper at a special discounted price just for the courses.

There are extensive course notes provided for you to take away in order for you to refer back as required.

 If you wish to reserve a place, then please let me have your contact details so that I may call you to secure your place.




Louise Hill – Sales & Customer Support
Direct : 01789 739207
Fax    :  01789 731569





Club Meeting 29-11-12

I think that we had a very successful evening last night, everyone brought in a print, all of which would require extra work, which was exactly what was needed. All members were able to discuss the various issues and make comments as to how they could be improved.

We therefore had everyone on a group basis discussing photos and hopefully picking up ideas and guidance which they can utilise in their own ‘learning curve’.

We will build this exercise into next year’s syllabus.

Next week we have another ‘relaxed’ meeting, which we will again have on a group basis, a quiz, based on photography. This is the last Fisherrow meeting for 2012, the following week we will be having our Christmas Dinner at the Ravelston Hotel.

On Thursday 20th December we can meet up at the gates of Fisherrow and Joe will lead a trip into Edinburgh ‘he knows the hot spots’, where we can capture some of the night life!

Remember that we will be taking in submissions for the ‘Monochrome’ comp. at our first meeting in 2013, on Thursday 3rd Jan. If you cannot make this meeting we will also take in ‘late entries’ the following week 10th Jan.

Thinking Caps on – You have until 7th March to come up with ‘an abstract’ print image, which can also include an image which may not be true abstract but is somewhat ‘way out’. Look around you and rise to this challenge. The competition will be judged by Jennifer who was the winner last year, when we had a good number of some very inspirational entries.

It looks like we will be getting some ‘frosty’ opportunities this week, so rap up warm and get out there.


Club Meeting 22.11.12

The twenty members who visited the Beeslack Camera club last night had an excellent evening listening to an illustrated talk by Charlie Waite, the well known landscape photographer. He gave a lot of informative advice, the main one being to see in your mind what the image that you want to end up with and then take time and care to get it right, especially with the light. Try not to compromise, take time for as long as it takes or go back another day. If things are not right, don’t waste time in taking the image.

His mono images were  superb, although some of our judges would not think so! His main point was that if you want to take mono select the subject for that purpose, don’t take colour image and then just try it in mono.

Much food for thought.

Remember that our first competition in the New Year is for Monochrome Prints, so start thinking about this and get two prints ready for submission.

Next week we are back at Fisherrow where we have our ‘experimental’ evening when everyone needs to bring along a print and to repeat myself from last week:-

” It does not need to be mounted and in this case ‘size does not matter’. Neither does it need to be of competition quality, just one that you like or would like to have advice on.

We will then be setting up seven table and the idea is to have a group at each table (headed by a member of the committee) hopefully all will discuss each of the images on the table and after about twenty minutes to move to another table”.


See you all next week – picture in hand!



I own a couple of Canon speedlights, a 600RT & 430EX11 and a couple of flash triggers Pixl King.

I’m trying to get my head round the possibilities for groups ETTL etc. anyone familiar and know how these can all be paired? In particular, can i have one set at ETTL and the second as Manual? …..I could read the 180 page manual of course lol

Club Meeting 22.11.12

Please remember that there will not be a meeting at Fisherrow next week, 20 members will be visiting Beeslack Camera Club at Penicuik to hear a talk by the Landscape photographer Charlie Waite.

For those members who do not want to go directly to Penicuik, meet at Fisherrow Centre to leave at the 6.45pm the latest. Those sharing cars, leave cars outside the Centre car park or they will ‘get locked in’.

The following Thursday 29th November we will be running with a new idea and want everyone to take part.

The plan is that everyone will need to bring in a single printed image, it does not need to be mounted and in this case ‘size does not matter’. Neither does it need to be of competition quality, just one that you like or would like to have advice on.

We will then be setting up seven table and the idea is to have a group at each table (headed by a member of the committee) hopefully all will discuss each of the images on the table and after about twenty minutes to move to another table.

I hope that this will prove to be a friendly and entertaining exercise, so please sort out an image and join in.

We are still interested to hear from members with comments and ideas that will help us devise next year’s syllabus, so please give it some serious thoughts and send me an e mail.

Last night we had Michael Thomson, President of Haddington CC back again, this time judging our ‘Human Portrait Competition’. He gave us his views and pointed out areas that would have improved the image, getting the right background was one of the main areas, where they distracted from the main subject.

‘Depth of Field’ is what needs to be considered – this depends on the focal point, the ‘F’ setting and the distant from the subject. In general a ‘wide aperture’ (low number)i.e. F7.1,F5.6, F4.5 will usually ‘blur’ the background, depending upon the distance, but it is essential that the focus point is the persons eyes.

If you try to ‘blur’ the background via Photoshop, a lot of care needs to be made when selecting the area to be adjusted.

I have put the details of the top six entries on the web site under ‘Competitions’, so have a look. If I had had CD’s I could have put the images on!

Hope to see you all back at Fisherrow on the 22nd November – please remember to bring along your print image.


Club Meeting 08.11.12

Welcome to everyone, especially to our new members.

Please note that in two weeks (22nd Nov) there will not be a meeting at Fisherrow as the 20 members who purchased tickets will be visiting Beeslack CC to hear a talk by Charlie Waite.

Christmas dinner -  we now have 25 members, but there is still room for other, we have to pay for the meal in advanced, so please let David Howie have your £21 asap.

We are invited to a joint 4 way competition by Stirling & District Camera Club on Wednesday 5th Dec – there is a notice on the board – please put your name down if you want to support MCC – we can then sort out transport.

However, this is causing Del a problem, as we have not had sufficient CD’s with images from which he can choose, for those that have not yet done so please put your recent comp entries on a CD and bring it along next week – this is really important as Del has to send off our entries by the 24th Nov, so please make a real effort.

Next Tuesday we are having a committee meeting where the main subject will be next year’s syllabus.

This is your club so please give this some thought and send me an e mail with any ideas that you might have regarding subject matter, thing that you like and even those which you do not think much of. Contributions and ideas from members is what will keep this club viable and interesting for the year ahead

Last night we had Sandy Cleland from Edinburgh Photographic Society who was  back again following his judging of our Digital Image Comp on 4th October.

Sandy is a highly qualified photographer and for those that missed last night, look at his superb images on the EPS site and you will see what I mean. His photos  of dragon flies among other wild life images are something really to strive for. (

What a fantastic insight into his skills as a photographer, the range and quality of his images were outstanding, he learnt his skills with film cameras, where you really had to be in control of the camera to get such results, now he has converted to digital, he still uses the camera mainly in manual mode, which reflects the stunning results.

First thoughts are that it ‘puts one of bothering to take pictures’  - but it is really an inspiration to take control of the camera, rather than ‘point & shoot’. Lets’ all take on board some of his advice and improve our output.

Next week we have Michael Thomson President of the Haddington CC who will be judging our ‘Human Portrait Comp.


Club Meeting 01.11.12

I think that the ‘Critique Night’ went well with many of the images ‘straight out of the camera’, which was what was wanted. So that it could be seen how many could have been improved by using the ‘crop tool’ where the main subject could be identified, the ‘clone tool’ where problem areas could be corrected and ‘levels’ where parts of the image could be darkened, lightened or the ‘contrast levels increased to get a more dramatic look to the image. Using the ‘magic wand’ to select an area will also make it easier to make adjustments.

John Napier has come up with a web site offering a video on Photoshop Elements (good early Christmas present) –  go to:-

Allan Cameron gave us an introduction to how a large posters can be created with an A4 printer by using a free software ‘PosteRazor’ and a ‘Pritt Stick’ or other stick glue. Go to:-

If anyone else have such ideas, please let me know and we can then share them with all members.

The benefits of joining the MCC web site can be seen by  a recent ‘Post’ relating to filters -  a stream of comments and surplus equipment offered for sale. So if you have not yet signed up please do so.

I really want the club to get a lot more from the web site – we have a gallery, which was last year contributed to by a number of members – if those members want to update their images, please let me have a CD with new jpeg images and I will arrange for them to loaded onto the site. It is also open to all members, so if you want to be included, please let me have your pics via a CD.

I had mentioned earlier that we can hold ‘help sessions’ prior to a meeting (7-7.30pm) and we will try to get someone to help.

Mike Clarke has some knowledge of lens filters, so if you want some advise come early next week and he will give some assistance. Lets make the most of this type of help, let me know of any other areas that can be dealt with in this time frame.

To those that are going to join in the club’s Christmas merriment, please bring along £21 next week or asap, (to David Howie)  which will cover the cost of the meal and the tip, not the ‘booze’ thought!

Next week Sandy Cleland (who judged our recent Digital Image comp.) is returning to talk on Nature and General Photography.

See you all next week

Filters for sale

I have some filters for sale mainly due to duplication. I thought i would give the club first choice.

for sale-






Club Meeting 25.10.12

Last night Dougie Allen, from Beeslack CC gave us his considered opinion of the 46 images in the  Coloured Print Competition from 23 members. The marking was very close and I have put details on the web site under  ’Competitions’.

If you like your image the way it is that is OK, but if you make a digital copy of it and take up some of the points made by Dougie and then see what you think of it – if it does not then look right to you, then ‘delete it’.

He did point out some ideas:-

Take a number of images of what you are photographing, as a slight angle change or s few seconds later could provide a better result.

Try to get something that immediately catches the eye ( main subject) and have this in sharp focus.

If you are taking a ‘total person’ don’t cut off feet! – the same goes for item ‘sticking up’ i.e boat masts – if there is a cut off item, you can always try to ‘clone’ in a substitute. I have done this with closed eyes, by taking more photos, but this one is what is wanted, clone from ‘an open eye’ one.

Dougie did comment on ‘Art paper’ – I do not necessary agree with this, this medium can be effective. It does need to have a correct ‘paper profile’ so that the colours are correctly reproduced. Jennifer’s ‘Through the Gate’ was a good example of this.

Dougie did recommend using Grad and ND filters for enhancing skies, this is an area we need to talk about at the club. Any volunteers who uses them?

Next week we are having a ‘Critique’ night, where we would like everyone to bring in up to four digital images on a stick or CD, we want to have a general but brief helpful comments on them, there will be no actual judging or marking, hopefully much can be learnt.

Also please bring in your two prints for the Human Portrait Comp. (check on web site if you are not sure of the rules). I would like to get a larger entry that with last night’s images, so please make a real effort.

See you all next week


Grad and ND filters

Anyone got any advice on low cost but decent filters? Looking to experiment, not too expensive. Are the square type best?

Club Meeting 18.10.12

While I was away, I had the opportunity to put my ‘nose’ into the specialised book on my recent purchased camera. The benefit of this type of book over the basic manual is that it does explain why it is better to do certain things with various recommendations to menu settings and general operation. I can now get the camera to do certain actions which I was not aware of before, therefore if you do not have such a publication for you camera, I would recommend that you have a look on Amazon and see what they have.

Following the meeting of three weeks ago regarding the PAGB awards, Rod Wheelans spoke about presentation and types of paper. He is sponsored by Perma Jet and showed the different types of photo paper they supply.

I looked into this and found that you can purchase ‘Test Packs’  and decided to buy their test pack for ‘DigitalPhoto 1′, consisting of five sheets each of five types of paper(there are others for different papers) – the best price was from Amazon at £13.10 (free delivery).

From their web site you can download an image which you can print on each type of paper and send it to them and they will run a test and come up with a dedicated ICC Profile based on the output of your printer, which they e mail and can easily be loaded onto your printer file.

I did this and got the profile by return and the print I now get gives me the image on the monitor, certainly improving upon my usual ‘hit or miss’.

I plan to get other test packs in order to experiment with different types of paper so that it will be easier to decide which paper type suites which images.

Have a look at their web site –

Many members have their own ideas on papers, but if any members are interested we could have an informal group where we could ‘swop notes’ and purchase photo papers (boxes of 25, or cheaper 50) and split them up. Let me know if there is any interest and we can then take it further.

Tonight we had the benefit of hearing from Liz Sowler and Joe Fowler who gave us an insight into their interest in photography and things to look for. The two entries which Joe had accepted for the very high standard of the Dingwall Photo comp. was ‘Flat Out’(cyclist), which was highly commended and the cows at the Targ Mahal.

If you go to     www. you will be able to see the award winning images.

Jim Todd swopped his contribution with Liz, so we can see his at the meeting on 7th Feb.

Next week we will be able to see the entries for the Colour Print Comp. with Doughie Allan, from Beeslack Penicuik Camera Club, to give us his thoughts on the images.


Club Meeting 11.10.12

What an evening I missed – David Howie was so impressed that last might he sent me the following which really sums it up:-

“I’m just in from the Camera Club. You missed an amazing presentation from Mike. He gave us some of his own background, the type of equipment he uses, and an overview of where to dive in Scotland and the types of wreckage and marine life one is likely to encounter. His images were outstanding and quite literally out of this world. It just shows what talent we have within our own members. He even brought along the camera he uses though he did comment that he was a bit concerned about taking it out on such a wet   night !!”

Many thanks to Mike, I will have to get him to give me a private viewing.

We apparently also collected in the colour prints, which was less than I had hoped for, but we all will be able to see them on the 25th October, when they will be commented on by Doughie Allan.

I hope that might inspire more of you to enter the ‘Human Portrait Comp.’ where we need to have entries in by Thursday 1st November meeting. The images can be of anyone, family, friend or foe. Even crop a person from one of your images, experiment and have a go.

Next week we are to see and hear about some of the photographic work of Joe Fowler and Jim Todd, so come along and see what your fellow members have been up to.

Hope to see you all then.


Club Meeting 04.10.12

Liz has kindly informed me that there was ‘a good turn out’ for the judging of the Digital Print Competition, fortunately I had a preview of the 68 entries and they were all of a good standard and quite variant in the type of images.

I hope you all got some benefit from his remarks, as I did not feature in the top six I can’t  mage what he thought of my two! (perhaps I can!!)

Liz did say he suggested  “Why not get up high or low down for a different and original viewpoint to stand out from the crowd ? Worth thinking about.

I have posted the top 6 winners on the MCC web site under ‘competitions’.

With respect to the web site I have just registered all current members onto the site – those that have not been on before should receive an e mail asking you to agree/confirm (not sure of the phraseology), but please reply and then I can dispense with ‘the chairman’s report’ via normal e mail and thus cut out the duplication.

With any matters that fall outside the web site environment I will continue with normal

e mails

Next week members will see how photos can be taken even if it is pouring with rain! Mike Clark will introduce us to ‘Under water photography’, with vision and sound, only sorry that I will miss it, so make sure that you don’t miss out.

Also please remember to bring two mounted prints (with a CD if possible),with title and club number on the back. It would be nice to have everyone participating, so lets have a good increase in entries.



Club Meeting 27.09.12

I hope that everyone who has joined the club this year are getting my e mails – we aim to get better use of the web site and those members who have ‘signed up’ to the web site also get an e mail  notification of the ‘chairman’s report’ which is a duplicate of the e mail I send out.

So our plan, over the next few weeks,  is to enter all members names on the web site so as to cut out this duplication. A further benefit will be to receive additional posts and notices automatically sent to your ‘in box’. If any member does not want for this to be done then let me know and we will take you off, lets give it a try and the benefits will be apparent.

Last week Mark Davy spoke about ‘flash photography’, instead of spending out £6 grand, I use a useful piece of kit which is a soft box by Lastolite ‘Ezybox, which cost £50 on Amazon. This fits onto a flash gun and is excellent for ‘fill in light’ and a softer light for general use, also no red eye. There was not time last night to show you this, so I will bring it along to a future meeting.

We had 34 members enter the Digital Image Competition which will be screened and judged next Thursday.  the next one is the ‘Colour Print Competition’ – I would like to see a higher entry so will everyone have a go. Last week I sent an e mail giving details, but if anyone has any queries  or requires help, please ask.

I shall be away for the next two weeks, so Joe will ‘front’ next week and on Thursday 11th October David Howie ‘will be in charge’.  On the 11th there is a change in the programme, the Portrait Photography will be replace by something very different,  Mike Clark will give us an illustrated talk, with sound, on ‘underwater photography’. So now you can add a wet suite to your Christmas list!

Last night Rod Wheelans, supported by his wife Ann  enlightened us on the PAGB awards and what to look for and how we could further develop our skills. He described how the judging takes place and what they look for in respect of the quality of the photo and the presentation. There are three grades of qualification, ‘Credit’, which based on the example that Rod showed us I am sure that many of our members could achieve. With a little more development and help many more of our members could also have a go for it.

The second award is ‘Distinction’ which has much higher expectations and the top one is Master, not only Rod and Ann have achieved this, when living in Southampton Del Stonehill achieved this and obtained the highest marks ever awarded.

Full details of the PAGB can be seen on the web site:-   www.

Be reassured that you do not have to aim to get such qualifications, just enjoy your hobby and you only need to get involved if you want to, the club will support you and your development based on what you want not what we want.

Next week we will see the 68 Digital Images and get the reaction of the Judge, take on board what he says, if you do not agree with any comment or mark (you will be in good company);  what matters is if you like it  ’it is OK’.

Two garments were left last night, they are in the Fisherrow Office.



Club Meeting 20.09.12

We had the benefit of Mark Davey from Calumet last night to introduce us into the skills of using ‘Flash Photography’. One of his main points was to, in the main, disregard the ‘speed’ and to select the appropriate ‘aperture’ and focusing depending on the depth of field that we  want.

The easy way is by utilizing TTL (through the lens metering) so that the camera can determine the amount of light required based on the setting you have put in. This should give a balance overall lighting effect, especially for ‘fill in flash’. which can make a selection of an image stand out even in daylight.

However to get it ‘really right’ you need to work on manual and use a separate light meter to take a reading of the area that really matters and set the camera accordingly.

He also showed us some real professional equipment which if you can come up with £6-8 grand and have a strong arm you can have a powerful mobile studio lighting – beyond most of us, but worth knowing about.

Pop into Calumet (address on their web site) this Saturday and save 20% on their own brand equipment.

Next week we have a talk by Rod Wheelans on the PAGB awards – certainly worth coming along to.

When David Howie gets the pre booked tickets for the Charlie Waite talk he will swop them with those who put their names down for the £10 fee.

I have now received 31 entries for the Digital Image Comp. – if anyone else wants to enter, please e mail me two Jpeg images by this Sunday AM at the latest, as I will be sending the final CD to the judge on Monday.

Remember to go along to record some of the ‘Battle of Prestonpans’ this Saturday & Sunday – full details on their web site.

Hope to see you all next week – the tea and biscuits are free, so stay behind after the main meeting and have a chat – just ‘barge in and join a conversation – this is what I do!


Someone looking for darkroom equipment

I don’t know anything about sender of this email but I do know that some  members have been trying to find a home for redundant equipment.

Contact Neil direct via email address


Hi Liz

I found your contact details through the Scottish Photographic Federation website, and I hope you don’t mind me contacting you.  I was wondering if any of your club members had any old darkroom equipment they were looking to pass on to a keen enthusiast wanting to start developing 120 B + W film.
I would be very grateful if you could ask around at your club, and feel free to pass on my email address to anyone wishing to contact me.

Kind regards
Niall Henderson

Battle of Prestonpans Re-enactment 2012


The Battle of Prestonpans will be re-enacted, in full costume, in and around Prestonpans town over the weekend of 22nd /23rd September.  A fun and inspiring event with many photo opportunities. Full details from:

It would be great to have a variety of different images for club shows and competitions.

If any one has any other suggestions/ ideas then post them here on the website.

Glasgow Buildings Photography Competition – great prizes !

Glasgow Landmarks Photographic Competition

 This year Glasgow Building Preservation Trust is teaming up with The Mackintosh Heritage Group to offer you the chance to have your photograph displayed in Glasgow International Airport for a year. You will also have the chance to have your photograph displayed as part of The Creative Mackintosh Festival exhibition in Glasgow Art Club, we are also giving away many of exciting prizes donated by the organisations listed below. All we ask is that you take your best picture of one of Glasgow’s Landmark Buildings. A full list of the buildings can be seen here.

To enter, email your low resolution (1024 x768 max) jpeg photograph to along with your full name, age (optional), contact telephone number, name of Landmark Building & a chosen caption (optional). When sending the email please write ‘Landmarks Photographic Competition’ in the subject box. One entry per person. If you are selected as a finalist, a high resolution image will be requested; details will be given of file size requirements for printing.

The photograph does not have to have been taken during Sept/Oct 2012, please feel free to use existing photos, but they must be all the photographer’s own work. The photographer retains full copyright of their image, however the photographer would be expected to allow The Mackintosh Heritage Group to make use of the image for publicity purposes. However if the images were to be used for any commercial purposes (on cards etc) the group would renegotiate for its use.

Closing Date: Wednesday 3rd October 2012

Look at what you could win…

Two return flights from Glasgow to Barcelona with! 

 Your photography displayed in Glasgow International Airport!

 Your photography as part of The Creative Mackintosh Festival exhibition in Glasgow Art Club!

 Afternoon Tea for four at Willow Tea Rooms!

 Lunch for Two Adults & Two Children at The Art Lovers Café in House for an Art Lover!

 Signed copy of Judith Bower’s Book: Stan Laurel & Other Stars of the Panopticon – The Story of the Britannia Music Hall!

 A pair of tickets to see Scottish Folk Band, Runrig at Barrowland Ballroom!

 A Room with Breakfast at citizenM Hotel!

 A VIP package for Glasgow’s International Airport including priority access through security, fast track parking & access to the Glasgow Airport exclusive SkyLounge!

 Boozy Snoozy lunch for four at Blythswood Square Hotel!

 Two pairs of tickets for a film of your choice at Glasgow Film Theatre!

 Afternoon Tea at The Grand Central Hotel!

 Mackintosh Goodie Bag from The Hunterian Art Gallery!

 A year’s membership of the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Society!

 Roger Billcliffes’s book “Visiting Charles Rennie Mackintosh



First Club Meeting of the Season 6th Sept.

I was pleased to welcome everyone and especially to a good number of  prospective members who have come along tonight.

We have an interesting and challenging syllabus this season taking us through each Thursday evening until the middle of April.

All clubs and organizations whether it is sport, cultural, craft or horticulture etc, do have some area of competition where  members have something to work towards  and have their effort judged.

Whether it is an umpire, ref or judge – although there are rules they all have their own interpretation of their subject and it is very easy to criticize their judgement.

We have five  competitions this year – the purpose of having these is to have something to work towards and to develop one’s skills and have comments made on our efforts, even if you do not agree with them they usually have some elements that if taken on board can add to our photographic development.

There are  always certain people who have that extra talent and will come out on top, so winning is not the purpose of this club’s competitions.

So as they say ‘it is the journey and the experience’ that really matters and brings its own rewards.

Building on one’s skills, enjoying  this splendid  hobby and creating that image which  is above the average is what matters.

We all work together as a team – and if you need any advise there is always someone in the club that will help you – just ask.

We rent this room from 7pm so there is an opportunity to have some training in the half hour prior to the meeting, so if you need help or want someone to look at some of you pictures. then let me know and I will arranged for one of our more experienced members to spend some time with you.

Our meeting on the 22nd Nov. will be held at Beeslack CC at Penicuik, where Charlie Waite the Landscape photographer will give a lecture. This is a ticketed event ( £10) and we have asked for 20 tickets, which we have  to pay for in advance. Therefore I have put up a notice on the notice board, so if you would like to go please put your name down or send me an e mail and David will collect the money from you over next couple of weeks.

Del is still not yet mobile and we again send him our best wishes for a speedy recovery as we need him back at the club – so we ask Anita to send our best wishes to him and hope he is back soon.

Last night we had an introduction to Photoshop Elements, a demonstration of mounting prints and advice on printing and the types of photo paper to use. Again if anyone wishes for more help or information’ please let me know and I will arrange for someone to help you.

Hope to see you all next week.