Fisherrow Waterfront Group

Beach Cleaning in 2018

We are planning to organise regular beach cleaning throughout the year. The events will be created on our facebook page as they allow you to note your interest and will send you reminders. Please like our facebook page if you are interested in joining in. 


Fisherrow Waterfront Group – Loony Dook, January 1, 1.45-2.30pm

Following on from the very successful Riding of the Marches 2016 Loony Dook, FWG has decided this is a Fisherrow event that has to stay.


Due to tide times, we will meet at Fisherrow Yacht Club at 1.45pm on New Year’s Day and walk along to the Back Sands for a 2.15pm dook. This is a free event, but we ask everyone who plans to join in to fill in an application form, available next week.

Fisherrow Waterfront Group Family Christmas – Sunday, December 11, 4pm-6pm


Please come and join us for our Fisherrow Waterfront Family Christmas event on Sunday, December 11, between 4pm and 6pm. We will begin with carols around the Christmas tree at Fisherrow Harbour with the Clark Community Choir, and then go to Fisherrow Yacht Club for mince pies and mulled wine and Christmas music from the Musselburgh Grammar School orchestra. The Musselburgh yarnbombers will provide Christmas crafts for kids. All are welcome, so come along and join in the fun.

Note of meeting 19.05.15





Notes of Meeting for FISHERROW WATERFRONT GROUP MEETING, May 19th, 7.30, at Fisherrow Yacht Club





  1. Attendees

Clive Andrew(Chair), Laura Young, Kaz Langlands, Shirley Banks, John Williamson, Fraser MacAllister, Veronica Noone (note taker)

  1. Apologies

Aileen Grant, Kaela Scott, Kirsty Preston, Gaynor Allen

  1. Minutes of meeting of April Meeting – Veronica approved, Laura seconded

  2. Matters Arising from minutes of April meeting

Kirsty had sent an email with an update on the harbour improvements

  1. Approval of new members - none

  2. Correspondence – none that we are aware of however as Gaynor, the Secretary, who would normally update on correspondence, is likely to be occupied elsewhere for some time it was agreed that her work would need to be shared among members

  3. Treasurers report- £287.00 in bank. The group agreed that some fund- raising would need to be done to increase our budget and thereby be able to cover any expenditure. Laura referred to some additional work to be done on the OSCR – she will update at next meeting.

  • Action - John to check position with regard to potential for license to raise money at events at the harbour.

  1. Update projects – capital spend and budget

  • Showers – update at next meeting

  • Interpretation boards- going up this week to complement the RSPB event

  • Pipe- update at next meeting

  • Murdoch Green soak away- update at next meeting

  • Clive offered to pay for up to 2 small wooden boats to be filled with flowers and placed on the waterfront at or near his house.


Action – Fraser to follow up query about small boat or similar to Stewart Pryde

  1. Harbour strategy

HUG are happy with the feasibility but less positive about the Pontoons however the group agreed that the study would simply set out the feasibility of such an option and would not determine whether they would happen or not. Gaynor submitted the funding application for £10k and we should hear within 4-6 weeks. A further £2K has been committed by East Lothian Council Economic Development. Sandra Macrae is keen to tender for the work and reckons that it will take about 3 months from start to finish. Veronica highlighted the need for the group to think carefully about the use of the feasibility study as it could potentially be quite a powerful/ influential document if used correctly.










  1. Family fun day update – 2 dates were discussed – June 28 or August 16th


  • Action – Shirley to set up a doodle to get agreed date

  1. Riding of the Marches update – Shirley described the build-up and signature events and the Waterfront Group to think through how to build in relevant/ appropriate activities.

  2. Harbour maintenance – see Kirsty email

  3. AOB

  • Laura mentioned the Beach clean- up which had gone well. More than a tonne of rubbish had been collected. Laura suggested and all agreed that these should be done each quarter

  • Tesco money is to be spent and some interesting art work is about to appear

  • Bill Walsh to be asked to give a talk on the new river trail


  1. Date for next meeting – 16 June, 7.30 at the Yacht Club







National Trust Nature Nippers


Nature Nippers 2015

10am – 11am£3/child
Age 0 - 5
Newhailes visitor Centre, Musselburgh, EH21 6RY

2nd April – Easter Means Eggs

Find out about nesting time and do some Easter crafts.

7th May – Busy Busy Bees at Inveresk Lodge Garden (EH21 7TE)

We are going to be busy bees with games and we will make our own bees with plastercine.

4th June – Skylark Nippers

Come along and meet the skylarks of Newhailes and learn all about the grasslands.

We take a break for the summer holidays in July. 6th Aug – Teddy Bear Dens and Funky Medals

Let’s make a home for our teddy bears and then reward Ted with a funky medal.

3rd Sept – Butterflies Flutterbys at Inveresk Lodge Garden (EH21 7TE)

What magic butterflies live in the garden? Find out by joining the Ranger and finish with some parachute games.

1st Oct – Autumn Art

Create your own masterpiece using natural materials.

5th Nov – Slugs and Snails of Newhailes

Come along and find out about Sasha the snail, what she does and what she eats ............................

3rd Dec – Natural decorations

Use natural decorations to celebrate one of Newhailes’ trees.

Children must be accompanied by an adult. We will be outside so wellies and warm, waterproof clothes are a must.
Booking essential: 0844 493 2124 or 

FWG Talk and Walk

A Fisherrow Waterfront Group Talk - Birds and Nature on the Waterfront with Nick Aitken.    

The latest in our series of Fisherrow Waterfront talks will be a walk and talk event led the East Lothian Council Ranger Nick Aitken. This will be a first for us as all other events have been held in Fisherrow Yacht Club.

  Our next event will take place on Saturday, March 21, and begin at Goosegreen on the east side of the mouth of the Esk  (just near the cadet huts).  

We will set  off on a rising tide. This will let us look at the foreshore where  Nick will talk about the importance of the habitat, the designations placed upon it and what lives underneath the sand as well as what feeds on the creatures that  live underneath the sand- wading birds.  Nick will also talk about some of the adaptations the different wading birds have that help them exploit the different food sources.


We will walk from the river mouth to the Lagoons and the Bird Reserve. The Bird Reserve and wader scrapes  is where the birds that feed at Fisherrow  go to roost when the tide covers Fisherrow Sands. In the Bird Reserve we can use the bird hides to observe the birds close up using telescopes and binoculars.  We can also end up with a cup of tea in the Cafe at the Racecourse.


If you would like to join us, please wrap up warm, wear stout footwear and bring binoculars if possible.  


Start the New Year with a splash.... taking part in Musselburgh's first ever Loony Dook at Fisherrow Harbour. 

The Riding Of The Marches Committee is organising the event and people are siging up fast. If you want to take part please look on the page or get an application form from Clark Bros the Fishmongers on New Street, Musselburgh. 

Stewards are also needed for those who want to be part of the event and stay dry! 

Fisherrow Yacht Club is supplying safety cover on the day and Eskmuthe Rowing Club will be on the water encouraging the dookers.


Beach clean

East Lothian Council has agreed to do a bit of a beach clean - and to reveal the slipway at the East side of the harbour wall to make it easier for Esmuthe Rowing Club to get its boat in and out of the water. 

The beach cleaning has suffered during the summer with the council cut backs - hence the lovely ripe tomatoes growing there. 


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Fisherrow Waterfront Group is holding a fabulous family Christmas fun day on December 7, between 4pm and 6pm on the grass close to the harbour at the start of the Prom. 

We are planning Christmas crafts, mulled wine and Christmas biscuits, and will provide music and carols. The Musselburgh Grammar School orchestra will play at the event and we plan to have choirs leading the carol singing. 

For the first time, there will be a Christmas tree at the start of the Prom and the lights will be lit during the event. 

Please come along and help us to celebrate the start of the Christmas season. 


FWG meetings

           Our next meetings will take place on

         Tuesday, September 23

Tuesday, October 21,

Tuesday, November 18

All are held at Fisherrow Yacht Club and start at 7.30pm.

Look forward to seeing you there. All welcome.

Look What's on the Prom

It's official - Fisherrow Promenade  has the best bollards in town, thanks to the Fisherrow Waterfront Group.   When local residents at the historic harbour in Musselburgh complained that people were driving along the prom by mistake, the waterfront group looked originally into placing stone bollards up to ensure drivers realised the route was a path and not a road.   This plan evolved and next month, two stone fishermen carved by Cockenzie stone mason Gardner Molloy will guard the prom and keep out the stray cars.   “The sculptural treatment will turn the stones into two fishermen pulling on an imaginary rope,” said the waterfront group’s vice chair Aileen Grant. “One of the fishermen will be wee and fat, the other taller and thinner. They will act like sentinels at the entrance to the footway discouraging cars from driving along while still allowing access for emergency and maintenance vehicles.    “We are hoping that the new Fisherrmen will complement Fisherrow's historic harbour, provide some new public focus for the area and also address local concerns about stray cars driving along the seafront.   “We looked at getting pieces of local stone, and then someone suggested getting a small mussel shell carved into the rock. We asked advice from  Gardner Molloy, and before we knew it we had come up with the idea of making the bollards into stone carvings highlighting the local history of the area.”   The funding for the project has come through East Lothian Council’s capital works budget, intended to support physical improvements in along the Fisherrow Promenade. In developing this the group has worked closely with the council’s landscape and countryside officer Stuart Pryde on the siting of the stones, which will reside in front of Fisherrow Yacht Club.     “The money we are spending from East Lothian Council will be put to good use and will improve the physical environment of the waterfront area and hopefully make it look better for residents and users,” said Ms Grant.  


Members of the group and Mr Molloy visited Hutton’s Stone in the borders and chose two pieces of East Lothian Swinton sandstone and the stone carver came up with a unique idea for two carvings, to be unveiled in situ at the start of the promenade in front of Fisherrow Yacht Club.

Great Fun on Fisherrow Backsands

The first ever Fisherrow Beach Fun Day took place on Sunday 15th June and provided a varied programme of sports, games and activities for more than 100 children and their parents.  The event was organised by the Fisherrow Waterfront group, which is a registered charity and community action group set up to promote the facility and use of Musselburgh's harbour, prom and beach area.

The group have already successfully had the 'back sands' designated as a bathing beach and the free fun day was designed to introduce the local community to their beach as a useful amenity and sporting venue.


As well as beach volleyball, football and rugby also hosted sessions on the beach.  There was a ranger led waterfront walk, pavement drawing and mussel shell jewellery, costal rowing, promenade busking, sandcastles and a highly competitive tug-o-war.  The boats of Fisherrow Yacht Club set sail with the high tide for their annual regatta to complete a fun and active day on Fisherrow Backsands. Many children were still playing on sand and in water as the organisers took down the equipment at the end of the afternoon.


The group would especially like to thank the Scottish Volleyball Association, Musselburgh Rugby Football Club and East Lothian sports development for their support in supplying coaches and equipment of for the afternoon.  The volunteer coaches introduced some basic skills to children of all ages and knew exactly how best to engage enthusiastic beginners.


In addition, we are grateful to East Lothian Council and the Musselburgh Community Council for their support and encouragement and a range of volunteers who brought their musical, artistic and sporting talents together to generate a busy beach, a happy atmosphere and an active day.


Whoop whoop - 15th June

Action-packed day of fun on the beach planned - Sunday 15th June. Be sure to bring your mankini!

Scavenger Hunt will be kicking off early, but there will be activities all day long.

We will keep you updated here.