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Musselburgh Transition Toun   

Hi Susan from the Communications team here.

I'd like to make some short films showing the good work that's happening with the Rennie Bridge veg patch, the bicycling group and the bees so if anyone has any work planned that I can film for use on Facebook and our website please let me know. Find me on facebook and send me a message.

Thank you, Susan Rose

Musselburgh Transition Toun   

Residents in Musselburgh are being consulted on plans to create a community garden.

A series of meetings will be taking place over the coming week to help gauge public support for the proposal.

A site has already been identified at the rear of Musselburgh East Community Learning Centre, which could accommodate the development without impacting on existing skatepark and sports facilities.

The project is being led by members of the Musselburgh Transition Town group, who have enlisted the help of students at Edinburgh University to undertake a feasibility study.

All households in the Wimpey area of the town will receive a questionnaire, complete with a pre-paid return envelope, to allow them to voice their opinions and concerns.

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Fisherrow Waterfront Group   

At our meeting in June the Fisherrow Waterfront Group adopted a constitution  - making us a Scottish Incorporated Organisation eligible to apply for charitable status (which we will be doing shortly).

This will enable us to apply for funding to help enhance the appearance and amenity of the Waterfront area.

Fisherrow Waterfront Group   

The Fisherrow Waterfront Group, working with officers from East Lothian Council , have submitted an application to SEPA (Scottish Environmental Protection Agency) to  have Fisherrow Sands (the Back Sands) officially designated as a bathing beach. This will mean that the water quality at the beach will be regularly monitored.

To have the beach registered as a Bathing Beach we will need to provide good information about the number of beach users, both in and around the water, throughout the bathing season. This is usually in the form of photographic evidence of people in the water or a survey of user numbers.

Throughout the summer months therefore group members and ELC officers will be taking photos of the Beach in times of heavy use and performing counts of the numbers using facilities in the area.

We are also looking for members of the public to send us photos showing the beach in heavy use – (digital photos need to be time and date stamped for us to be able to use them). If you have any photos you would be willing to share please send them to

Fisherrow Waterfront Group   

On Wedensday 20th June a team of 40 volunteers from Lloyds TSB took part in a clean up of the east beach at Fisherrow, including recording the rubbish found as part of a Marine Conservation Society 'Beachwatch' survey.

Check out what a great job they have done!

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