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Investment in renewables has overtaken investment in fossil fuel energy for the first time.

Renewable Energy Milestone - Renewable Investment Tops Fossil Fuels for First Time | Beyond Zero Emi
The journey to a 100 percent renewable energy economy reached a major milestone as investment in renewables has overtaken investment in fossil fuel energy for the first time. A new report by Bloomberg New Energy Finance demonstrates that a massive $187 billion was invested in wind, solar, and bioma...
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This is brilliant. This map will give you good understanding of how climate change affects us all, wherever we live.

The carbon map: making sense of climate change responsibility and vulnerability
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Inspiration for our own Incredibly Edible project.

British town grows all of its own vegetables
When the small British mill town of Todmorden, tucked in between Yorkshire and Lancashire, first began installing fruit and vegetable gardens all around the area as part of the Incredible Edible program, it likely had no idea that the novel, yet simple, concept would make the town a foremost inspira...
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Sceptics of UK's renewable energy programme should take a hard look at these energy source maps. Coal from South America ... that's just stupid.

Where the UK's electricity comes from - maps | Good Energy
Our research has found that the majority of fuel used to generate electricity in the UK is imported from a wide variety of countries across the globe. According to our figures, the UK relies on fuel from almost 40 countries across the globe for fuel to produce electricity, with only 43% of fuel com...
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Fife Diet Food Manifesto 2012

Fife Diet Food Manifesto 2012 – The Fife Diet
On Wednesday night we launched our brand new FOOD MANIFESTO at the Melting Pot Edinburgh, with delicious food served up by Cookie Scotland from Glasgow, including Neep Fritters, Mackerel Pate on Toast, Spring Green Frittata. The design for our manifesto was done by Euan at D8 in Glasgow.
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Musselburgh Transition Toun has formed a new communications team.
With a core group of three creative/marketing professionals already volunteering to get things started, we'd also like to involve local writers and photographers who may not have used social media, or written for the web before and want to learn.
We'll share our blogging knowledge and skills, including writing for online publication, preparing photographs and posting to a website. We would expect that you have an interest in local enviromental issues.
This skills development project is free. If you'd like more information, please get in touch.