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From June - September 2011 the Musselburgh Town Centre Task Group consulted people living and working across the Musselburgh wards about their ideas, concerns and aspirations for the future of Musselburgh's High Streets - from Pinkie Pillars to the Ship Inn.

The key questions posed were:

  • What could be done to make the High St a better place to be?
  • What's good?
  • What's not so good?
  • And what needs to be improved to make it a better place to live and work?

Over 1200 people participated in the consultation and a Final Report has now been produced.

The information and ideas contained in this report are now feeding directly into the Town Centre Strategy being prepared for Musselburgh by East Lothian Council. This strategy is intended to provide a co-ordinated framework for action and investment in the town centre. The Planning for Real© consultation was one way of making sure that the views and ideas of local residents of all ages, and those working in and visiting the Town Centre are able to contribute to the Town Centre Strategy.

The consultation had two main parts:

  1. a 6m long 3D representation of the High St, from Pinkie Pillars to the Ship Inn, was on display in a number of town centre sites including Brunton Hall, Tesco and a shop on the High St. Passers-by were encouraged to add their ideas, concerns and comments directly on to the map
  2. a survey, designed tocompliment the map exercise, looked at how local people are currently using the High St and what they thought would make the most difference in encouraging more people to use the area more often. This could befilled inon paper while the map was on display or completed on-line.

For more information about the consultation go to

Musselburgh Burgh Primary School   

Cluster Torches are taken to Stoneyhill on PhotoPeach

Musselburgh Burgh Primary School   

Olympic Torch Ceremony on PhotoPeach

Musselburgh Burgh Primary School   

Olympic Breakfast on PhotoPeach

Musselburgh Burgh Primary School   

Zumba on PhotoPeach

Musselburgh Burgh Primary School   

Musselburgh Cluster Olympic Torches arrive at the Burgh from Whitecraig.
Musselburgh Cluster Olympic Torches on PhotoPeach