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Musselburgh Burgh Primary School   

Olympic Torch arrives in Musselburgh on PhotoPeach

Musselburgh Burgh Primary School   

Click on the links to see and hear the Burgh choir sing.

Burgh Choir Welcomes the Olympic Torch to Musselburgh on PhotoPeach

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Just watched this ... very interesting, very inspiring. Let's get going. / Promo PART1
We are a growing network of communities who are working towards a fossil-fuel-free world, at same time as making the places we live in more vibrant, exciting...
Musselburgh Burgh Primary School   

Jubilee Fair on PhotoPeach

Musselburgh Transition Toun - Facebook   
Our Communications team will meet every 3rd Monday at 7pm at ReMade on North High Street.
If you are interested in writing for our new blog about local sustainability - energy, transport, food, community - or would like to learn how to build a community online, please do come along.
The only qualifiation is that you have to support the aims of Musselburgh Transition Toun.
The next meeting is on Monday 18th June.
If you'd like more information, contact Nicky on 07597 995398, or Or leave a message here!
Musselburgh Burgh Primary School   

The children were recently set a homework challenge to make an Olympic Torch that could be carried during the celebrations due to take place when the real Olympic Torch is carried through Musselburgh on the 14th June. The children showed their torches at assembly and Mrs Fleming will be announcing the winners at the school fair on Friday 8th June. The torches are currently being displayed in the front corridor of the school and look like they are already lining the streets of Musselburgh.

Torch Winners on PhotoPeach

OlympicTorches on PhotoPeach
Olympic Torches on PhotoPeach