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Musselburgh RCC   

Great win over some notable riders in the 8km scratch race for Musselburgh rider Derek Timmins. Follow this link to the full results from event number 4 of the Meadowbank Track League.

Also riding was Alistair MackIntosh, Nick Yeats and Andy Laing. 

Wee report form Nick Yeats:

Sunny not warm! Derek, Andy L, Alistair Mac and I all raced at track league #4. Derek’s birthday present to Davie U was a win in the 8k scratch race. Early on in the 8k Derek and David Martin escaped for a couple of laps. Just as you thought the race was settling down then David or Scott Macrae would attack again but to no avail. Any ideas I had of thinking I was going OK were shattered by Derek going over the top for another attack. This came to nothing but it wasn’t Derek’s last throw of the dice. The last 5 laps was a bit of a blur for me but what I could see was Derek well in the pack. Bruce Croall did his usual attack from the back but the speed at the front was too hot with Derek crossing in first. Fantastic win by Derek particularly considering how much he put into mid race attacks and against some top trackies.



Musselburgh RCC   

Sadly no Musselburgh riders able to take part this year.

Peebles Cycling Club Time Trial Results PCC-ESCA Open 10 9th May 2012


POS RIDER Cat Club TIME   1 Evan Oliphant SM Team Raleigh GAC 21.30 2 Gary Robson SM Gala CC 22.08 3 Steven Lawley SM N/A 22.56 4 Lindsay Gordon SM 23.10 5 David Caeser SM 23.17 6 David Walker VM Kelso Wheelers 23.18 7 Ross Laidlaw SM Kelso Wheelers 23.41 8 David Johnstone VM Gala CC 23.42 9 Alastair McNicol SM 23.45 10 Drew Sharkey SM 23.48 11 Lee Whitlaw SM Edinburgh RC 23.51 12 James Logan VM Gala CC 23.55 13 Jeremy Smith VM Kelso Wheelers 24.14 14 Stuart MacLeod SM 24.16 15 Simon Mills VM Gala CC 24.18 16 Andy Strathdee VM Nevis Cycles RT 24.29 17 Craig McCulloch SM Vello Ecosse 24.34 18 John Myburgh VM Edinburgh RC 24.38 19 Dougal Allan VM Edinburgh RC 24.50 20 Cameron Balfour JM CNP Orbea 24.51 21 Ben Forsyth YM Edinburgh RC 24.54 22 Keith Morrison VM Edinburgh RC 24.56 23 Paul McGreal VM Gala CC 25.05 24 Alex Hilliam VM Edinburgh RC 25.08 25 Calum Magowan YM Peebles CC 25.17 26 Sam Waterston JM Peebles CC 25.20 27 Georges Avraam VM Edinburgh RC 25.30 28 Charlie Brindley VM Peebles CC 25.37 29 Neil Muir VM Edinburgh RC 25.43 30 Francis Webb YM Edinburgh RC 25.57 31 Scott Bell VM Edinburgh RC 26.11 32 Bill Hamilton VM Gala CC 26.25 33 Jim Stark VM Gala CC 26.32 34 Calum Gray JM Peebles CC 26.37 35 Hazel Smith SF Edinburgh RC 26.56 36 Sam MacNeil YM Peebles CC 27.15 37 Louise Borthwick JF Edinburgh RC 27.19 38 Matthius Barnet YM Edinburgh RC 27.21 39 Maddy Robinson SF Velo Club Moulin 27.31 40 Cat Smith SF Peebles CC 28.08 41 Lucy Grant YF Peebles CC 28.35 42 Calum Fernie YM Edinburgh RC 30.12 43 Eleanor Strathdee YF Edinburgh RC 33.21
Musselburgh RCC   

2 Musselburgh riders Andy Matheson and Peter Hamilton competed well in a strong field over 85 hard miles in Fife on Sunday, finishing 21st and 30th respectively. Result from Braveheart


1 James McCallum Rapha Condor Sharp 3:22:00
2 Peter Murdoch Team Cyclelane 4
3 Eddie Addis Equipe Velo Ecosse 5
4 Ian Taylor Adept Precision RT 14
5 David Lines Pedal Power-Endura-Forme Racing 51
6 Jordan Stokes Pedal Power-Endura-Forme Racing 1:01
7 Angus Elliott The 1:06
8 Andrew Whitehall Equipe Velo Ecosse 1:13
9 Euan Pope Glasgow Couriers st
10 Veli-Matti Raikkonen Granite City RT 1:58
11 Jack Barrett Velocity 44 st
12 Robin Wilkins Equipe Velo Ecosse 2:00
13 Alastair McNicol The 2:02
14 Ewan McDougall Elgin CC st
15 Craig Adams GJS Racing Team 2:09
16 Graham McGarrity st
17 Kevin Barclay Team Leslie Bike Shop/Right Move Windows st
18 Stephen Couper Glasgow United CC st
19 Finlay Young Equipe Velo Ecosse st
20 Andrew Cox The st
21 Andy Matheson Musselburgh RC st
22 Keith Robertson Granite City RT st
23 Calum Foster Team Leslie Bike Shop/Right Move Windows st
24 Gordon Murdoch Team Cyclelane st
25 Ryan Fenwick Gala CC st
26 Ewan Minty Berwick Wheelers st
27 Craig Dale The st
28 Michael Henderson Moray Firth RT st
29 Stuart McGregor st
30 Peter Hamilton Musselburgh RC st
31 John McCaffery Team Leslie Bike Shop/Right Move Windows st
32 Barry Crumblish Glasgow Couriers st
33 Jamie Kennedy Glasgow Couriers st
34 Mathew McDonald Equipe Velo Ecosse st
35 Lewis Oliphant Equipe Velo Ecosse st
36 Richard McDonald st
37 Crraig McCulloch Equipe Velo Ecosse st
38 Gordon Lindsay The st
39 Gary McCrae Team Leslie Bike Shop/Right Move Windows st
40 Bradley Stokes Pedal Power RT 5:08
41 Liam Cowie Pedal Power-Endura-Forme Racing st
42 Neil Walker Walker Cycling Club 8:55
43 Andrew Davies The st
44 Andrew Brierley Team Leslie Bike Shop/Right Move Windows 9:44

Musselburgh Transition Toun   

This is brilliant. This map will give you good understanding of how climate change affects us all, wherever we live.

Musselburgh Transition Toun   

Sustaining Dunbar is looking to find a Local Food Project Worker to support households, schools and groups in the Dunbar District. The deadline for submitting a letter of interest and CV regarding this contract is by 5pm Friday 11 May to the attention of Sustaining Dunbar Local Food Project, 16 West Port, Dunbar EH42 1BU.  For more information please call 01368 866 920 or email

Full details